Testimonial - Rebecca Freeman
May 23, 2020
"It was in 2017 that I first ‘met’ Michelle and became intrigued with the idea of building an online business. Having poured over all of Michelle’s free training, I completed the VA Shoestring course which is now called The Freelancer. For anyone considering building an online business, this is the perfect place to start! 

In a short space of time, I could really start to see the possibilities - how I could take my ‘offline skills’ and rethink how these could be applied in a ‘virtual’ capacity. 

So I took the leap and enrolled in Michelle’s Mentorship program and from there, my business The Virtual Seed was planted! 

Throughout this program Michelle and her team were an immense source of knowledge and support and I love that she challenged me to really dig deep and confront my ‘perceived’ obstacles and how to align my strengths with what I love doing. 

Michelle is a true connector - a visionary - and has helped me to find clarity. I believe I’d still be trying to ‘work it all out’ if I’d not discovered Michelle and Virtual Miss Friday in 2017. 

In 2018, I completed Michelle’s 1nSourcing™ Consultant course which was a great fit for me. 

I have since worked on some fabulous projects within the tourism industry, financial services, allied health and retail sectors, predominantly local businesses that needed strategic direction to build their online presence by focussing on their brand consistency and the creation of good content! 

I love that I can work from home, or anywhere, using Michelle’s systems, tools and resources that I’ve implemented to suit The Virtual Seed. The investment has been worth it and has brought me so much more than just training courses! 

Support is only a Facebook post or email away and I love the personalised sense of community that Michelle and her team continue to create. 

It’s now mid-way through 2019 and I’m very fortunate that The Virtual Seed is growing quite organically! It’s not been easy (how would you truly grow if it were?) and I work hard but I’m also working smarter! 

It’s an exciting time to be in the virtual business space. Michelle is both guiding light and driving force - truly deserving of the many accolades and someone who I admire greatly." 
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