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How To Start Your Virtual Assistant Business FAST!

    Are you starting your own virtual assistant business but not sure where to begin? The Freelancer, my comprehensive Virtual Assistant Business Start-Up Course is here to guide you at every step.

    In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of becoming a successful start-up virtual assistant, from setting up your business online to attracting clients and everything in between. Our expertly curated modules are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this competitive industry.


    This comprehensive course has 5 Modules within, each with 5 'sub-sections' covering specific lessons. This course provides not only the solid techniques and strategies used by successful online entrepreneurs, it's designed specially with the entire operational 'back end' in mind as well, including the logistics of how the business can be operated. The plan and model can be tailored to any type of systems, or industry making it a completely solid and 'whole' solution to hit the ground running!

    How to Get Started!
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        It all starts with understanding the power of personal branding for your small business, learning how to effectively position yourself in the marketplace, discovering the most effective personal brand representation techniques & establishing a concise business pitch for sharing with potential clients.

        1.1 ~ Personal Branding
          1.2 ~ Positioning Yourself
            1.3 ~ Brand Entity
              1.4 ~ Unique Selling Proposition
                1.5 ~ Elevator Pitch

                  MODULE 2 ~ IMPRESSIONS

                  I then go on to discuss the most effective form for creating website copy, how to use your 'authentic voice' in a persuasive way, creating your personal bio and finally cover basic pricing models for your online service business.

                  2.1 ~ Productive Copywriting
                    2.2 ~ Authentic Voice
                      2.3 ~ Persuasive Copywriting
                        2.4 ~ Personal Bio
                          2.5 ~ Pricing Your Services

                            MODULE 3 ~ TOOLS

                            After this, I touch on an absolute core multiple-use business tool, talk about managing your emails in the cloud, organising your time, storing files in the cloud and building a subscriber list.

                            3.1 ~ All-in-One Solution
                              3.2 ~ Managing Email
                                3.3 ~ Organising Time
                                  3.4 ~ Storing Files
                                    3.5 ~ Email Addresses

                                      MODULE 4 ~ COLLABORATION

                                      Then I go into setting up your online appointment calendar, service agreement for digital signatures, invoicing system so you can get paid online, organising & managing your clients' tasks and how you go about securely storing and sharing passwords in the cloud.

                                      4.1 ~ Appointment System
                                        4.2 ~ Service Agreement
                                          4.3 ~ Invoices & Payments
                                            4.4 ~ Task Management
                                              4.5 ~ Password Sharing

                                                MODULE 5 ~ LEADS

                                                And in the last section of The Freelancer I discuss platforms you can use to generate leads (potential clients), how to reach out to people to really make an impact, social platforms that can be used to generate solid client leads, how to bring your new clients onboard and in closing, how you can maximise your word of mouth referrals.

                                                5.1 ~ Platforms
                                                  5.2 ~ Outreach
                                                    5.3 ~ Social Media
                                                      5.4 ~ Onboarding
                                                        5.5 ~ Word of Mouth


                                                          Example "Freelance Virtual Assistant Service Agreement."

                                                            Michelle Dale

                                                            Founder of Virtual Miss Friday & Creator of 1nSourcing™️ the Online Service Business Model

                                                            I specialise in scalable online business operations services for solo entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. For my clients I excel in the set up and management of all-in-one online business operations, and for colleagues I have an overall focus on developing exceptional online training resources for virtual assistants, and freelancers everywhere.

                                                            Join our community of aspiring entrepreneurs and let us help you turn your passion for helping others into a profitable venture. Enroll now and take the first step towards building a successful virtual assistant business that you can be proud of.

                                                            "Absolutely game changing. Michelle's marketing strategies allowed me to replace my previous full time income in less than 2 weeks." ~ Danielle

                                                            "After completing the course, my client intake increased and my income doubled (my website had only been launched a week)." ~ Martha

                                                            "It has been a year since I started Michelle's training and my income has grown by 4 times after my first couple of months in business."  ~ Bryanna

                                                            "This is where things really got started. The program helped me get my business started PROPERLY on a “shoestring” budget." ~ Megan

                                                            "I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start their own successful Virtual Assistant Business." ~ Angela

                                                            "So glad I invested in your courses - I'm always coming back and finding something new and inspiring... 💕🙏" ~ Polina

                                                            "My business wouldn’t be where it is right now if it weren't for Michelle's courses!" ~ April

                                                            "I can say with absolute confidence that Michelle is THE go-to leader in the VA world." ~ Shun

                                                            "I'm an absolute fan of the courses from VMF. Thanks Michelle, life just couldn't get any better... 😉" ~ Yfke

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                                                            What results can I expect?

                                                            I’ve been helping people from 'all walks of life' (literally thousands) to develop & build their online service businesses since 2011, and throughout that time I’ve provided the help and support they’ve needed to quit their jobs, buy homes, become stay at home mums, double, triple and quadruple their income, grow their business to 6 figures, travel the world, emigrate, become location independent and so much more!

                                                            It sounds amazing, it surely is, but I can’t take all the credit because this is a combined effort - you’ll only ever get out of this what you put in. Here are just some of the personal stories from dedicated, go-getting individuals on how my programmes and courses have helped them change their businesses, and their lives... Check out member testimonials & feedback.

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                                                            My intention is to give you the means to take massive action, showing you the suggested steps forward based on my personal experience and then guiding you to success in your own online service business, and I don’t take your decision to choose this course of action lightly. At every turn, my aim is to over-deliver.

                                                            If you get started and you find that maybe myself or this isn’t right for you, or for whatever reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re entitled to a full refund at any time within 30 days from the day you join. After 30 days, I can’t provide a refund though, so please, I urge you to be responsible with any purchase you choose to make.