One-on-One Mentorship

A 4 week intensive One-on-One mentorship programme for creating the foundation and inspiration for personal and professional success! 

"Michelle, thank you, thank you, thank you for being my instructor, mentor and friend..."

Course Overview

How To Get Started
Essential Resources
Foundation Mentorship Session
Module 1 ~ Holistic Review Process
Module 2 ~ Defining Goals
Module 3 ~ Intuition
Module 4 ~ Techniques
1.1 ~ Reset
1.2 ~ Goals
1.3 ~ Retrospect
1.4 ~ Audience
1.5 ~ Performance
1.6 ~ Publicity
1.7 ~ Wealth
2.1 ~ Location
2.2 ~ Accommodation
2.3 ~ Transport
2.4 ~ Medical
2.5 ~ Children
2.6 ~ Finances
2.7 ~ Languages
3.1 ~ Transformation
3.2 ~ Juicing
3.3 ~ Dental
3.4 ~ Exercise
3.5 ~ Sleep
3.6 ~ Fast Food
3.7 ~ Hacks
4.1 ~ Clarity
4.2 ~ Intention
4.3 ~ Creativity
4.4 ~ Guidance
4.5 ~ Planning
4.6 ~ Expectation
4.7 ~ Commitment


"If you are an aspiring VA or even a seasoned VA and just need that little more, then I’d say this to you… Take that leap of faith and JUMP…"
“I have a thriving VA business, my husband gave up his full-time job and we traveled across Europe and moved countries (with kids).”
"I spent hours searching the internet for similar VA programs and couldn’t find anything that even remotely came close to what Michelle offers."

The Resources FREE to all members.

A complete resources area that includes mini-courses, past classes, 'LIVE' monthly group coaching calls, with all past call replays and so much more... it's all free to paid course members.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

This course will give you the means to take massive action, showing you the suggested steps forward based on my personal experience and then guiding you to success in your own online service business, and I don’t take your decision to choose this course of action lightly. At every turn, my aim is to over-deliver.

If you get started and you find that maybe myself or the programme isn’t right for you, or for whatever reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re entitled to a full refund at any time within 30 days from the day you join. After 30 days, I can’t provide a refund though, so please, I urge you to be responsible with any purchase you choose to make.

What happens after I purchase?

After you've completed your purchase, you'll be redirected to a page where you can create a login to the Virtual Miss Friday site, and more specifically, to the member area for this course. If you've made other purchases previously, this will be added to your single sign in dashboard where you can access all of your purchases - Easy Peasy ;-)

What if I have questions or need help?

We're really passionate about Customer Support. Contact us on and you'll get a timely response from someone who genuinely cares. We want to give you an excellent experience inside our Academy! The support team at Virtual Miss Friday consists of my business partner Dale, and my personal assistant Caroline who are as excited to help and support you achieve your goals as I am.

No matter how large or small your question or enquiry is, we're always happy to help. While you're waiting on our reply, you can also dive into some FAQs in our growing customer support knowledgebase. We  genuinely look forward to connecting with you!

What results can I expect?

I’ve been helping people from 'all walks of life' (literally thousands) to develop & build their online service businesses since 2011, and throughout that time I’ve provided the help and support they’ve needed to quit their jobs, buy homes, become stay at home mums, double, triple and quadruple their income, grow their business to 6 figures, travel the world, emigrate, become location independent and so much more!

It sounds amazing, it surely is, but I can’t take all the credit because this is a combined effort - you’ll only ever get out of this what you put in. Here are just some of the personal stories from dedicated, go-getting individuals on how my programmes and courses have helped them change their businesses, and their lives... Check out member testimonials and feedback.