Testimonial - Sarah Watson
May 23, 2020
"I've learnt an incredible amount from Michelle and know I will continue to do so. 

Her courses are focussed, thorough and actionable. Not only did my discovery of the VA Administrator course come at the best possible time, but it also has given me an infinite amount of extra confidence in starting my own VA business. My start-up had been in the planning stages for three years. Just as I was beginning the extensive research required to find the right systems, I came across the VA Administrator course which had everything I needed to know. This course saved me so much time, weeks if not months, of researching and trialling the various systems. In every other service area of my business, this course eliminated all that stress and showed me how everything works! 

The VA Shoestring programme Now The Freelancer  was particularly helpful for me in learning how to write website content. What I gained from the course developed into something much bigger and better than I ever expected, all after following Michelle’s advice. 

On a number of occasions I've referred back to the videos and am sure I will continue to do so. It’s great to have everything in video form as it makes it so much easier to take in. The FAQ database and Intranet templates are just brilliant... I was so amazed she included those. The content is great; I can’t think of anything else I would have included. My investment in these courses was well worth it! 

It's hard to define one success as I have experienced so many - from learning a huge array of online systems and project management tools, to learning how market effectively and conduct a successful client consultation. I'm so grateful for the detailed and insanely useful advice and I feel so much more confident in my business having benefited from Michelle’s wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Perhaps more importantly, I've learnt how to approach things with a different mindset! Previous to Michelle’s courses, I was floundering and struggling to trust in my own abilities and instincts. I now know my dreams and aspirations are achievable, reasonable and not as “out there” as others may have you believe! I enter into my new venture so much more prepared than if I hadn’t found Michelle and her fantastic courses. I look forward to continuing to learn from Michelle, on many subjects, and am very grateful to have her as my mentor. 


I had been stuck for some time, trying to do everything on my own, losing focus, drive and motivation. I’d lost clarity, had no direction and was making no progress! I was doubly stuck as this feeling and situation was strangely out of character for me! All I can say is applying for Michelle’s 1nTensive Mentorship Now One-on-One Mentorship  was the best decision I could have made at that point! 

Before coming into the mentorship, I had two concerns, firstly, I’m not keen on speaking in groups and I felt dubious about the group sessions, but actually those sessions were brilliant and really added to the experience - it was sad when it was the last group call! Secondly, I was concerned about whether I would even like the business vision that Michelle came up with! However, I need not have worried. Michelle was extremely insightful and cut through all my noise and confusion, to establish what kind of business I wanted, what I enjoyed doing the most and tied that up with a service that clients actually want! She came up with a new business direction, that focussed my services and incorporated my greatest passion! 

Michelle gave me a plan, a direction and a giant push in that direction, through a unique combination of deep soulful insight and no-nonsense, straight to the point action-orientated guidance. She provided a sales funnel, and clear and focussed action steps to take to achieve my goals - also reporting back in to Michelle once they're complete is a huge motivator!! 

Thank you Michelle - for your support, your guidance, your insight and practical advice. I’m now three months down the line and have got everything in place in the background, and am now only about 1 week away from launching my new business. Whilst I know there’s still much work to be done, focussing my services to a business area I love has given me so much more drive and I’m looking forward to getting going, experimenting and tweaking along the way and building my business, advancing my skills and growing my industry connections! 

Just dropping in with a little update following my mentorship with Michelle.
I completely refocused, rebranded and relaunched my business as a result of Michelle's mentorship. Unfortunately, I had a very slow start as I have been unwell, but I'm on the mend now and have just secured my first client through following Michelle's consulting process. As someone who hates to sell, it was pretty amazing as I didn't sell anything, I just told them how I would help. Amazing also that the phone call ended with them thanking me. I'm really looking forward to working with this client. 

Thank you Michelle, for your guidance and for sharing so much - you've made such a massive difference!!

Just popping in with a little update. I've been quiet this year as it did not get off to a great start as I was really under the weather and totally not fully engaged mentally as a result! Anyway...all better now! The doc says I'm fine, no more tests! Yay! :) Meanwhile, I have lost a dress size since the start of the year and am now the fittest and healthiest I've been in ages :) Added to that, my new client, who's the first to take up my new service created with Michelle through the mentorship has told me I'm worth every penny and has recommended me to a really interesting company that's looking to break into the equine market with their product!! How awesome is that?! Am really enjoying providing this new service too - so flipping amazing. Michelle, you rock!" 
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