Testimonial - Caitlin Kularski
May 23, 2020
"When my friend told me about Michelle Dale and how she had built her business, I went to the Virtual Miss Friday website and was immediately impressed by all that I saw. I signed up for Michelle’s newsletters and after a short time, I purchased The VA Shoestring Now The Freelancer. At that time I was all in, ready to make this dream a reality. And to my surprise, in only a couple weeks, I was set up with my own domain and website. I had a general knowledge of all the tools I needed to run a successful Virtual Assistance Business from anywhere, not just my home.

Michelle really took the time to thoroughly explain the process of setting up and running a virtual assistant business in her video presentations and tutorials. She suggests places to set up your website, email marketing campaign, task manager, appointment scheduler. You name it, she has a clear and understandable step-by-step plan to get you going. From her free monthly trainings I've learned what I need to run and market my business. 

Michelle even explains where to find clients and which services provide the best products for virtual businesses. The best part is that I could complete the courses as and when I had the time. They're always concise and easy to follow!

Virtual Miss Friday taught me everything I needed to know to start my VA business in a short time. The greatest part of this whole thing is that I didn’t need to be super-techy to do these things! 

I have never been so excited about anything before!

Have you ever felt stuck? This might be the answer you're waiting for!"
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