Testimonial - Amy Farris
May 23, 2020
"I have been a fan of Michelle for a few years. I came across the VA Shoestring program Now The Freelancer  at a very difficult time in my life, when the economy was in turmoil and my husband and I were forced to close our business. Feeling as if the world was crashing down upon us, we had no choice but to sell as many possessions as possible to save our home.

It was the first time in my life that I was unemployed with my family’s future on the line. Frantically, I searched the internet for guidance—seeking answers to what I could do to provide for my kids. I had no idea where to turn until I came across a video of Michelle talking about her journey and how anyone could do it as long as you have the desire and determination to make it happen. 

Michelle has taught me much more than how to organize a client’s schedule, manage their social media accounts or create amazing websites. She has taught me to believe in myself, never give up and to visualize my dreams coming true.

I have taken every program Michelle has created. Each one has influenced me in different ways. Learning the Mind Mapping tool rocked my world! I am able to see the big picture and know in what order things need to be accomplished. 

I look forward to connecting with Michelle each week and asking her questions. On more than one occasion she has given me the strength I need to stay focused.

I realize this business is going to take some time to establish but I know that as long as I keep a positive outlook, have lots of patience and deliver excellent customer service—there is no stopping me! 

If I had a chance to meet one person during my lifetime, it would not be some celebrity, like Oprah Winfrey. I would give anything to have the opportunity to meet Michelle and thank her for guiding me through this amazing self-journey."
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