Testimonial - April Sullivan

Virtual Miss Friday 😃
May 23, 2020
"I believe my business wouldn’t be where it is right now if it weren't for Michelle's courses! I had been an avid reader of her blog for a while, implementing everything that I could until I decided to take a huge leap for myself and take the VA Apprentice Program Now 1nSourcing™ (Strategy & Training)

I had never invested so heavily in my business and was terrified to do so. But once I started implementing everything Michelle taught, my business was never the same - I'm now in a completely different stage of my business. I immediately started taking on new clients who were at a different level than my previous clients. They were more serious and looking for long-term partnerships. My income started increasing, slowly at first, but after a few months I had taken in enough new business to pay for the course itself. 

After that, I was hooked and have taken every course that Michelle offers! I can't say enough about her and her programs. When I implement what she teaches, I get results. They are different from everything else out there. I am now able to call myself a 6-figure business owner, and I don't think I would have made it here as quickly without Michelle's guidance. 

Thank you, Michelle!"