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Have you ever felt tired, burnt out and low on energy? Has too much desk time been taking it's toll on your health and waistline? Could your self-image be holding you back from financial, business and personal achievements? Do you want to transform or reinvent yourself in a sustainable way, without the use of faddy diets, treatments, potions or excessive willpower? Join Michelle in this 'LIVE', EPIC AND FULLY DOCUMENTED JOURNEY of complete transformation as she places herself in a goldfish bowl so you can see exactly how it's done! 


Hi I'm Michelle, founder of Virtual Miss Friday, and I'm about to take you along with me on a journey towards my Project Me goal! This will run for at least one month and is the first of its kind, an "Open Ended Workshop" where I'll be sharing my Project Me technique so you can simply follow and observe the progress of my own journey or join in and create your own Project Me plan (fully guided). My goal is to achieve approximately 30 lbs of weight loss (no dieting), along with dramatically increased health and vitality - I've already lost over 40 lbs, and I did this through research and personal development into wellbeing. I have some amazing insights to share and in order to share them, I'd like to bring you with me on the hardest part of my journey, losing at least another 30 lbs after hitting what would normally be the dreaded 'plateau'.



You'll learn how to create your own Project Me plan - the steps, essentials and the resources to use.


You'll learn 3 specific actions that will make your Project Me plan much easier to follow through on.


You'll learn how to be guided by your own body compass and 'course correct' on your project. 

Weekly Journal

Each week Michelle will record an (Audio and Video) journal, with every detail of what's happened.

Photo Library

There'll be a complete photo library for the before, during and after transformation.

Follow Up

Michelle will provide a follow-up via 'live' webinar 3 months after the goal is achieved.

Included In This Journey

Secure members area to review the journey - you'll have ongoing access even after the journey has finished.

Ongoing access to our private Project Me Virtual Campus group for support and guidance during the journey.

Michelle's advice and guidance with your own Project Me Journey, through the Campus group discussions.