The Holistic Business Review Process

Each of these areas needs to be individually 'scored' based on how you feel about each one, and then the plan is to Expand and Improve on positive scenarios and Eliminate or Replace negative ones.

Let's say you feel positive about a particular client you're working with, you'd then need to look at ways to expand out into further clients like them, or improve your relationship with them as that could lead to great things.

Let's say you feel negative about a particular client you're working with, you'd then need to look at ways to remove them from your practice or replace the work you do for them as soon as possible.

This process can become as in-depth as you're prepared to take it, and the outcome at the end is knowing how you feel about everything, where your areas are for biggest change and the improvements you need to work on over the next quarter to begin fine-tuning your business into something remarkable, which taken as a whole is the catalyst for your ideal working environment and lifestyle.

And it works. BUT!.... Identifying the areas that need to change is often the easy part - the tricky part is knowing what you need to do in order to bring about that change in the most efficient, optimal and effective way possible.

Enter the VA Think Tank

The VA Think Tank is a new concept where you get together with Michelle Dale and a group of other VAs online - Michelle will provide the solutions to your top 3 biggest challenges or questions relating to resolving a problem, forging a way forward and creating the changes that need to happen in order to turn the negatives into positives, and the positives into even more positives :-)

This is the most effective business review process I've ever created, but it's also the easiest and most enjoyable, and it doesn't involve number crunching, projections, spreadsheets or any other tedious traditional 'business planning' methods.

Join The VA Think Tank

How It Works

There are (3) VA Think Tank sessions, and they're spread out over a period of 3 days. Each session could run on for up to approximately 2 hours.

Anyone can join The VA Think Tank, BUT there are only a limited number of spaces each day so it's good to submit your questions in advance after you join.

Every day Michelle will share something new to help you with your business, there will be a new topic of discussion guided by the group.

Then at the end, there will be an open Q & A session when anyone can come forward and ask a question, or post a question in the chat and Michelle will answer it directly, 'live' in the session.

Session #1

December 5th, 4pm (UK Time)
11am (New York Time)
3am (Sydney Time)

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Session #2

December 6th, 5pm (UK Time)
12pm (New York Time)
4am (Sydney Time)

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Session #3

December 7th, 9am (UK Time)
4am (New York Time)
8pm (Sydney Time)

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Once you reserve your place, you'll be redirected to a page with a form on it that will allow you to submit a question in advance. If you don't want to submit a question, you can simply attend the event as an observer or join in on the Q & A at the end.

Everybody is invited to attend and very welcome take part in all 3 sessions, which are held inside a Zoom meeting room.

Join The VA Think Tank


You'll have a VA Think Tank Dashboard to access the Think Tank Materials from before, during and after the sessions.


The form to submit to a question or problem in advance to 'guarantee' it will get answered on one of the days.

Meeting Room Links

You'll have access to all your meeting rooms links for each day to enter the Zoom meeting room.

Video Replays

You'll have access to all the video replays of each VA Think Tank Session, perfect if you can't attend 'live'.

Chat History

You'll have access to a downloadable PDF copy of the chat history from inside the VA Think Tank for notes and review.

Private Facebook Group

You'll have access to Michelle's 1nTensive Mentorship Facebook Group, which is a private group for Mentees only.

Join The Think Tank

After you reserve your place inside the VA Think Tank, you'll be redirected to your attendee dashboard for full details.



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  • VA Think Tank Dashboard
  • Submit Your Question
  • Meeting Room Links
  • Video Replays
  • Chat History
  • Facebook Group

Your only charge for this course will be £57.00 GBP. In return for this payment you will be able to attend the VA Think Tank (during the 3 session dates on this page at the time of purchase), with no further payments. Payments are processed via PayPal, if you require assistance please contact us.