The VA Finder Service

Our VA Finder Service is the perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs or business owners, like you, ready to level-up your business by securing the skilled support needed to reclaim your time, thus freeing up your all-important focus to do what you do best and enjoy the most—all of which is essential to driving your business forward.

I can solve your problem of finding highly skilled VAs quickly by providing you with (3) well-vetted candidates from my network of thousands of professional administrative, marketing and creative freelancers who can help ensure your business functions seamlessly online. Think of the VA Finder Service as your single source for finding the most reliable, professional support for your business... quite simply the industry’s best. I take all the headache, guesswork {and, as much as possible, the risk} out of the process of contracting a VA.   

Working with me means you have access to the absolute best in the industry from my 1nSourcing Network—those whom I have directly mentored, trained via my extensive online programmes and courses or those in my membership and social media communities. You can rest assured that I will find exactly the support required to achieve your business goals as, like you, I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve helped more than 100 clients streamline their systems, create functional, growth-ready online businesses, reduce overheads and generate tens of thousands of dollars a month in sales, sometimes even exceeding a hundred thousand dollars in monthly sales.

So, I know what—and who—it takes to successfully manage a seven-figure online business consultancy for myself and my clients. And, frankly, “who” it takes is at least as important as “what” it takes when it comes to managing a world-class business. I’ll ensure you can seamlessly and smoothly delegate essential aspects of your business to trusted, reliable and extremely capable hands.

HOW THE VA Finder Service WORKS

If you’re ready to get started, here’s how it works…

Step 1

You’ll complete our "Client Application" to gather information related to the scope of the role or tasks, skill sets required, key qualifications, hours, rate, etc. This is extremely important, so please be thorough in your criteria.

Step 2

If I feel I can assist you in finding excellent candidates, I'll issue an invoice for the non-refundable service fee of $2000 USD and ask you to eSign my client service agreement for terms.

Step 3

Upon carefully considering your criteria from Step 1, we’ll provide you with (3) pre-screened VA profiles for review and you will decide if you’re completely satisfied and ready to continue with the process and if you have questions, it's the perfect time to arrange a Zoom meeting to share further background on these VAs to ensure you're extremely well positioned to interview them personally in the next phase.

Step 4

We’ll then we arrange an online meeting between you and each of the three VA candidates agreed upon in the selection process.

Step 5

You’ll then decide which of the candidates you prefer and also indicate which, if any, of the remaining two you would rank as your 2nd and 3rd choices.

Step 6

I'll contact your first choice to ensure a mutually agreeable arrangement and, if so, we'll arrange a start date. The VA will engage with you as an independent contractor and you’ll work directly with the VA from this point.

Client Application

Please complete the Client Application below and hit the red submit button at the end. I really appreciate your time in helping me provide the best possible service to you.

* Required

Personal Details


Section 1

Have you had an Assistant before?
Have you worked with a Virtual Assistant before?
Why are you looking for an Assistant now?
How many people will the Assistant be supporting?
What is your preferred method of communicating with your VA?
What is the estimated volume of work?
What is your budget for this position?
What company style best describes yours?
What is your timeline for hiring?


Are you comfortable delegating?
How do you delegate?
What is your management style?
Which is more important to you?
What is the overall urgency of your work?

Skills Required

What specific skills or tasks will you need the Virtual Assistant to have/do? Writing
Email management
Financial Reporting
Social Media management
Website management
Travel booking
Presentation Creation
Is there a specific type of software or system you require your VA to work with and/or have knowledge of? (If yes please specify in other information below).
If so, will you provide training on that system or software to your VA?
Are there other Virtual Service Providers that the Virtual Assistant will be working with?
Please provide any other information you feel will help us find the right Virtual Assistant for you.

I'd love to receive email from Michelle & know she's got my back with this privacy policy.


GUARANTEE & TERMS of The VA Finder Service

You’ll have 30 days to ensure the VA is a good fit and everything is moving along well.

If the final candidate you selected isn't 100% meeting the expectations determined at the outset—and it’s prior to 30 days—you’ll contact the VA to confirm termination of their service contract and then we’ll begin the process with your 2nd and, if necessary, 3rd choice candidate too. 

If for any reason the 2nd or 3rd choice candidates were no longer available, or were not selected during the online meeting stage—we would provide you with up to two additional VA profiles for your consideration at no additional charge.

* Please note, should your VA hire terminate services with you, of their own accord (due to your behaviour, actions or unacceptable working relationship) VMF's "VA Finder Service" is considered as completed & no further VAs will be provided for you, and all support with regards to this service will cease. As I'm sure you understand, a working relationship isn't just about finding you someone who meets your expectations, they also have to be satisfied with the situation and working conditions as well. Essentially, if it's determined that you provide unacceptable or intolerable working conditions, we won't be supporting you further with sourcing VAs. 

We’re committed to helping you find the best VA for your business using an easy, streamlined, essentially risk-free service. I’m confident that the VAs we place will meet - or more than likely, exceed your expectations!