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    The Cold, Hard Truth About VA's

    Many small business owners seem to have their head in the sand when it comes to administrative repetitive tasks. Often they seem to feel the need to do these tasks themselves despite deep down knowing that this is hugely inefficient. At other times they simply cannot see past the illogical decision associated with employing a real-life personal assistant. There's every reason for every entrepreneur to engage in the world of virtual assistants.

    Article Titles:

    1. When It Comes To The Personal Assistant It's Time To Get Familiarity Into Perspective (512 words)
    2. Why There Is No Need For The Personal Assistant To Be "Present" (511 words)
    3. Why You Can't Really Know If You're Inefficient Or Not Without An Analysis (524 words)
    4. Why There Is No Need To Be A Micromanager Anymore (510 words)
    5. Why We Should Classify Some Overheads As Essential (517 words)

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