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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is, if you like, a logical extension and development of our growing reliance on the Internet. We now live in a paperless environment and require little, if any space, to be entirely productive with our administrative functions. All we need is a web browser to be able to access an amazing array of software solutions provided "as a service." Using a web browser we can store all our relevant and important information "in the cloud," instantaneously. For the virtual assistant, it's a perfect combination.

    Article Titles:

    1. Understanding Cloud Computing As A Concept (501 words)
    2. The Exciting Future Of Cloud Computing (517 words)
    3. How Cloud Capacity Is Engineered (500 words)
    4. Platforms And Providers – An Insight Into Cloud Computing (519 words)
    5. Illustrating The Power Of The Cloud (529 words)
    6. Differentiating Between Software As A Service And Cloud Computing (501 words)
    7. Who Are The Leaders In Cloud Computing? (502 words)
    8. Is Cloud Computing Secure Enough? (509 words)
    9. Some Of The Better Cloud-Based Applications For The VA (535 words)
    10. How The Cloud Brings Functionality To Us All (504 words)

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