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World Meet Tiffany And Our Practical Guide To Spiritual Woo Woo

Michelle Dale - Monday, July 25, 2016

What can I say about this post... It's the final blog in my India series, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here - and it's a post that's completely out of my comfort zone, but if you know me, you'll probably know I'm no stranger to stepping out of that. It's also a post which shows a very real side of me that you probably won't have seen before - it may scare you off, or it may bring you and I closer together, I have no idea, but, I've come to the conclusion that in either case, the best decision is to always be genuine, even if it means this genuine side of me isn't accepted by some people, it's all good!

Intuition, instinct and guidance from sources within ourselves in many ways support us - which you may not be able to 'physically see' and they're very real, because after all, have you ever touched an idea or stared at a thought before? Of course not, so if I said to you, can you describe to me what instinct looks like, you can't obviously because it doesn't have a physical appearance like a chair or a glass, but that doesn't mean to say it's any less real or valid. So - I'm sharing this post and introducing you to a lady by the name of Tiffany Crosara, who's a fellow Brit I met while I was in India this year. They say that India is a very spiritual place, and when I think about spirituality, I think about all the things in my life that I'm connected to, and I know are real, but I can't necessarily prove it by showing you, and the likes of "Eat Pray Love" and the Dalai Lama who lives in India pretty much confirm this idea, along with a tonne of spiritual teachers and practises like Yoga that have come out of this very magical country.

Tiffany and I had a very unusual connection (a numerical one!) which we've shared with you through our discussion to give you some insight into how we came together because I feel it may help you, particularly if you're feeling like you need more help with making decisions in your life, or making better decisions, or if you're feeling lost and you need some sort of guidance, or if you're wondering in life, even in small things if you need help to be more true to yourself, to be more of who you really are, possibly by living life through instinct and intuition to a greater extent, and not just through logic alone.

I have a warning for hardcore sceptics of the grey areas in life - this video isn't for you, because we discuss all manner of 'supernatural' things such as synchronicities and tarot but not in a tree hugging, 'I see a tall dark stranger' woo woo kind of way - but more a journey of real personal experiences that could happen to anyone, and they do on a daily basis for that matter, but often times, so many people don't have the courage to speak out about them, so they continue exploring them on their own through fear of sounding cuckoo. Hey, I'm one of them... But here I am :-)  

We have this open, from the heart discussion from a very grounded place, as to how we use spirituality (or whatever you want to label it or call it) as a tool to help guide us through our lives, with me predominantly in business and career success and Tiffany in terms of her exploring her gift and becoming a teacher in many of the supernatural things in life that usually leave a majority of us running scared - which is pretty sad in my opinion, because we could all use a bit of this in our lives, as if we deny it, we kind of deny a great deal of our life's potential.

So if you're sitting there, and you watched this video and you're still with me, please leave a comment if you would like myself and Tiffany to get together and share more with you on this topic, and open up some of these more controversial self-development tools (not by going to a Gypsy in a caravan), but to help you improve your life and explore many of the gifts and talents that are within all of us, and yes, that includes YOU, but you might need it lifting out to the surface a bit more. Maybe we could help introduce you, to a side of yourself that you don't yet know is there, but which could be extremely helpful for you to discover.

Interested? Just leave a comment or a question because we're going to base our decision to move forward with this on whether you want us to move forward with this ;-)

P.S. Not sure you noticed this, but completely unintentionally this interview exported on video at 1.11.... (1 hour and 11 minutes)...

On the blog this week, the last post from my India travels, and on a more 'spiritual' Eat Pray Love meets Thelma and...

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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