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Creating A Life With Meaning – Is It Time To Ditch Striving For Work-Life Balance?

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I’m back from a very eventful week last week during my 31% Event – I missed the blog, it’s good to be back! I put in long hours, and several consultations and proposals, and it felt great. What prompts this post today was a conversation I had with someone in the United States who asked me if I begrudged sitting up until 9pm at night to be available during their daytime to talk about business – my response, “Why would I feel that way?” – It’s my choice… If we are honest with ourselves, a majority of things in life are our choice, even if we try to tell ourselves they are not.

It’s astonishing the number of people who are searching for a clear defined balance between their home/personal life and their work – I was most certainly one of them at a certain point in my life. Now I have a very unusual lifestyle, in that I pretty much can live wherever I want, and also, work when I want. I am not tied to a location, or a set of hours that I need to be sat at my desk. This makes living life on my own terms pretty easy.

Then team this with the fact that I run my own business, which I absolutely adore, it does take up an incredible amount of my time, but there is a subtle difference in my working life which is very apparent. I work because I have to, but I do what I do (the nature of my business), because I want to, and with these key things in mind, I actually don’t need a work-life balance because every part of my life has meaning, and purpose, from my location, through to my family and business. I chose a life which allowed me to know that when I switch off my computer from work I’m on holiday, and when I switch it back on I’m back at work. That could happen multiple times during the day… And I’m a happier person for it.

Finished Work An Hour Ago, Time For A Holiday

So if you are someone who’s trying to find a work-life balance – I would throw in the towel today if I were you and go in a different direction, to find a life with more meaning, and then it doesn’t matter how many hours you have to work, or where you are, as long as you are doing something with a purpose, that’s really what matters.

My work and my business is very much a part of my lifestyle, it’s the whole package, and the great thing about it is, I can work a bit, play a bit, rest a bit, and work a bit. Or, I can work a lot, rest a bit and don’t play. Or, I can just work, then play… Because everything I do in my daily life has meaning to me, and I have a clear and focused direction on what I need to do in order to live a life where I am happy working and happy personally, the balance is all there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – without division. I accept the fact that I’ll need to work sometimes more than other times, and I am okay with that, because it’s part of my life and what makes me happy.

The Frustration.

So, trying to constantly seek out a work-life balance will likely leave you feeling frustrated, or like you have been short-changed in some way. You’ll feel that there is a constant need to ‘get-away’ from work in order to have that balance, instead of finding meaning in everything you do and accepting life as a whole package and being happy.

If you don’t feel like you can embrace the work element of your life, and you’re striving for ‘balance,’ then it may be clear that a change of occupation or even location is needed to move towards a life with meaning, and to work hard and strive to maintain every element within it to remain happy and content.

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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