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PayPal or Clickbank for Selling Products and Services Online

Michelle Dale - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I had a great question in a comment on my last post, which has lead me to write this blog post for you today. It's about processing payments online for services and products, and why I choose Clickbank instead of PayPal for selling my Roadmap Programmes and Courses. Basically I use Clickbank for selling products and PayPal for selling services, and here, in this post, are the reasons why.

I like both PayPal and Clickbank, but they serve two different purposes for me. I used to use PayPal for services and products, but ended up switching for products.

Here's how it started.

One day a client contacted me saying they were unable to pay by PayPal with their credit card - after years of them being able to pay just fine, so we opened up a ticket to find out why it was no longer working. They (PayPal) stated that because my account was in a country different to the client's, they could no longer pay just by credit card and they had to create a PayPal account and attach the card to the account and then pay.

So whilst I was able to sort that out with the client, I knew that wasn't going to fly when selling products online, and I could potentially lose sales because of it, so I started looking for alternatives for my products.

Along came Clickbank...

The great thing about having access to multiple clients, is also having access to their businesses. I've worked with clients who use all different kinds of payment processors, and have often been actively involved in the administering of them, and I eventually chose Clickbank from the many and varied payment processors I've had experience with, and here's why:

Payment Choices

Basically whoever purchases my products can pay in whatever currency they choose, they can also use whatever payment method they choose, for example, all major credit and debit cards, or they can also pay by PayPal, which allows for a great deal of flexibility and gives people an array of payment options. I can essentially accept money from people all over the world, with no hassle or hefty merchant account fees.

Taxes and Charges

Clickbank take care of the taxes at the payment level, they're added on at the time the sale is processed, then I receive the remainder after Clickbank's quite reasonable fees.


They have a great affiliate programme which is 'super easy' for me to manage, mostly because I don't have to pay any commissions manually, saving me a tonne of admin time. If affiliates have sold products Clickbank will automatically calculate the deductions and then pay the affiliate and then pay me.

Customer Support

They handle changes of credit card, refunds, subscriptions, customer support requests, everything basically, which once again saves me a tonne of admin time - and calculating!


I get a weekly deposit in my bank account from Clickbank with what I'm owed from the previous sales. I am able to see what payment amount is coming up next and everything is recorded nicely for me to get an overview of sales and payments.

In short, using Clickbank saves me loads of time, and loads of money, so it's well worth paying the slightly heftier commission fee for it. I still use PayPal for selling services which is linked into my Freshbooks account and it works very well, but for products, I'm sticking with Clickbank.

What has been your experience with payment processors?

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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