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What's Stopping You From Being Successful?

Michelle Dale - Thursday, February 04, 2016

I get a lot of people contacting me asking me what they need to build a successful business, of course there's a comprehensive answer to this, there are several factors involved in building a great business that serves the purpose of adding value to the lives of others, while providing an abundance of wealth and enjoyment to the person who's behind it. But there are certain factors that have more influence on your success, than others.

I was on a webinar recently, where the person hosting it was providing a immense amount of value, entirely for free, there were strategies and experiences shared, and the guy had obviously put a great deal of work into it. This was definitely a heart-based business.

There was a section after the presentation where he then suggested that if people liked what he had to say, thought they could learn from him, then he had a programme for sale, where he would also coach people through what he teaches, and provide a whole host of other benefits along with it. Obviously the whole training he'd been through just then, 'live', was free, but the programme came with a fee.

As soon as that happened there were a lot of people very excited, and eager to buy from him, but there was one (and there's ALWAYS one...) who started commenting in the chat box that it was a scam, that he was just another internet marketer looking to steal people's money, p***ed there was a fee etc... Craziness to that effect.

The numpty in the chat box hadn't really thought through what he was posting. The host of the webinar, who was also the creator of the product was putting his time, money, energy and expertise into every detail of this programme - so why should it be free?

Let's say the host really enjoyed putting all that effort into it - that he loved creating the programme, and was equally going to enjoy seeing people thrive from it, again, should something be free because it's enjoyable?

Then maybe the price seemed a little high to the guy in the chat box... Well, if you have an expert with over a decade of knowledge and a proven track record to back it up, who has the potential to double, triple, quadruple etc... your income through what he teaches, what price do you put on that?

A lot of people feel uncomfortable charging money in exchange for their time, especially if they're doing something they enjoy, they feel (like the guy in the chat box) that perhaps it should be free or cheap.

Well, if you feel that way, you'll find yourself paralysed when it comes to progressing in your business. If you want to continue to grow, improve, be creative, and help others, you have to have the financial means to do this, and those who benefit on the other end of it, tend to be the first people in the run to providing you with that means.

So what is it you need to work on?

knowing and BEING COMFORTABLE WITH what youR EXPERTISE IS worth.

Everything is energy, your effort is energy and money is energy, they just take different forms. Reciprocity has many forms, and learning to receive, is just as important as learning to give.

So know that what you're doing to benefit others is worth something to them, and therefore is should be worth something to you, don't ever take it for granted that you have a certain skill, or level of expertise, because there are bunch of people out there who don't have that same gift. 

For example, if you don't think and feel you could get to the top of the mountain, you'd likely never step foot on it, and if you did, you'd back down as soon as things started to get too difficult. If you don't think and feel you're worth whatever it is you need to be successful, regardless of what other people think, you'll likely never do what needs to be done to get there.

There are people on this earth who have made millions of dollars and pounds doing everything under the sun, from...

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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