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What To Do When Indecision Is Holding You Back

Michelle Dale - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

I replied to an email today from somebody who was feeling a little lost... She couldn't figure out what she wanted to do in life, where she wanted to live, had fears concerning what the best decision was for her, and this was having a knock on effect in other areas, like feeling overwhelmed about starting a business. She was at a crossroads in her life and didn't know which direction to take. She asked me if I had any suggestions or feedback I could throw her way that might help, so I replied with this...

The best suggestion I can make to you, is that you work on getting really clear about what it is you want. Don't just think, "I want loads of money" or "I want to be happy" or "I want a business I can take anywhere" - be really, really, specific.

Write down what you consider to be your perfect ideal 'average' day - what does your day look like when the rest of the world is commuting to work, or running to the bank on lunch breaks, how do you want your average day to look? Because let's face it, even Brad and Angelina aren't always living in perpetual 24/7 excitement - we all have what we consider to be an average day, we all wake up in the morning, we all need to eat at some point, perhaps spend some time working to earn a living, or with the kids, then we end up going back to bed at the other end of it.

This may take a few tries, maybe you'll include a business in there, if so, where do you operate that from, is it just you or do other people work in it as well, what do you do, who do you interact with etc... You might include meetings with friends, walks in nature, taking some exercise, or cooking... Whatever it is, whatever sounds good to you, include it in the day, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

If you feel that you would find true happiness living that day, on a daily basis, or something similar, then you can use that as the foundation for deciding what you need to take action on, to work towards achieving that.

You'll find some things you can begin immediately, what if you wanted to wake up at 5 - 6am each morning and do 20 minutes of Yoga, could you make that happen now? I bet you could...

What if you're seeing yourself working 5 hours a day on a business, then you know you need to start somewhere on that - take the first step, decide what you need to do to [eventually] work 5 hours a day and earn an income or who you need to reach out to, to make it happen. You won't have all the answers right away, it likely won't all fall into place right away, but nobody ever tips out the 5000 piece puzzle (half of it with just blue sky... that's a sod) and has it done in an hour ;-)

So if you're having difficulty deciding where to live, what to do, who to be with, to go left or right... Just keep working on your perfect day (which your ideas about will likely change as this evolves) and the answers that surface will eventually reveal where you most want to be, what you most want to do and who you most want to do it with - and that's the key to unlocking a life of happiness.

Hope this helps!

I find when I'm facing a difficult choice or decision, it helps to reflect on how that choice will fit into my life... I...

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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