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A Typical Day At The Virtual Miss Friday HQ

Michelle Dale - Monday, March 25, 2013

I am often asked how a typical day looks for me. I guess some people expect me to have a very glamorous lifestyle and I can only anticipate that my response may be a little disappointing, but to me, life doesn't really get any better than this, especially when we can achieve this lifestyle from almost anywhere in the world, whenever we want.

So, this is full disclosure about what an average weekday looks like for me. I am the CEO of a virtual business, I have 3 managers, and around 25 virtual champions on my team in total split into 4 small groups/departments. My client base is large, some on individual projects of various sizes, some just hiring us for content and SEO, and some with ongoing recurring daily work.

7:30 am

I hate mornings, I'm really not a morning person at all, my husband gets up around 6:00 for the kids and wakes me up around 7:30am with a cup of tea. For this I am eternally grateful!

8 am

Start rounding the kids up to get them ready for their day, at 8:15 we leave the house, I drop my son off at school and then my daughter with our Greek childminder. I would highly recommend if you are a nomad and living in a foreign country with children that they spend as much time as possible talking to people who don't speak English, it's the fastest way for them to learn the language - if they were at home with us all day everyday we could teach them squat about the language. In fact, my son now has a perfect Greek accent and often corrects me when I pronounce the words wrong!

8:30 am

I'm home and jump on my trampoline for a while and then I have my Green Smoothie or Juice for breakfast.

Around 9 am 'ish'.

I'm sat at my desk ready to start the day. First I check my horoscopes on Cainer.com and then take a look at my calendar to see what appointments I have that day, with who, and what time. Then I open up my 3 primary windows that I am using throughout the day. My email, my support site and my project management space which I call "The Office". I begin with checking the support site and seeing what has come in that I need to deal with, closing things off which are not required and just doing a general tidy up. Anything I can flag for my team, I will, to pick up when they come online. I clear my support site so it's prepped and ready for the day. I then pretty much do the same with my email. My email contains both my personal emails, the emails between myself and my team and also I receive notifications of the tasks and discussions from my project space "The Office" which I process one by one until they are also cleared. This is usually a good portion of the morning, as we have to manage a lot of projects and clients. I delegate as much as possible and respond to any questions from my team so they can act on them as soon as possible and I'm not holding up the task processing.

Around 12 noon 'ish'.

I check my task list for the day and see if there are any regular essential tasks that I need to carry out, such as sending my newsletter, posting to my blog, checking social media etc... All those things that keep the business ticking over. Then I look over each active client and their projects, starting with my priority support clients so I can keep their work moving as quickly as possible by delegating as much as I possibly can, and then creating a task list myself for the day from what I was unable to delegate - this is usually when I am required to consult, advise or coordinate specific items or stages on the project. I'll usually liaise with the clients and team through online discussions or Skype. Then for the rest of the day I work on projects, periodically checking and responding to my priority support clients and any urgent tasks or emails which come in. I always put my clients first in this respect, but I am also sensible about it too, and will leave non-urgent or non-critical tasks for the team to pick up later in the day.

I stop for food whenever I feel ready.

Around 4 pm 'ish'.

I do a final check on everything, before getting ready to give the computer and myself a break. I do work pretty much solid during the day, but I often go out, do the shopping, run errands that type of thing - it really all depends on the workload and deadlines.

5 pm.

I go pick up my kids from my Greek childminder and then we have some family time at home, I cook dinner, we hang out or do something together.

Around 7 pm - 8 pm 'ish'. 

We put the kids to bed and I do a quick check to make sure nothing needs my urgent attention, or to see if I need to do any quick approvals or comments on the tasks/projects just so I don't hold up the night shift (people outside of my time-zone). I also tend to have calls in the evening too, and if I do have calls at night I'll usually work until the calls end. After that I spend some time with my husband, or doing something I like to do, before we go to bed.

And The Weekend?

Unless something is really pressing or a deadline needs to be met, I spend my weekends with my husband and kids. It's important to have that balance wherever possible, but as a business owner, and not just that but an entrepreneur and someone who loves what they do I remain flexible with my time, some days I work long hours, and some days if there's not much that needs my attention I'll take a break and shutdown, go do something different. The fact is that I have a 4 and 5 year old, so a 9-5, Monday to Friday lifestyle is currently what fits in with them best, I make the business fit around my personal preferences and my family. At that's what counts - that's one of the many reasons why I love being in business for myself. Becoming a business owner is not just about being your own boss and spending all day on the beach just because you can and there's nobody to stop you (although I do know some people who would like to do that) - it's about being responsible with managing the clients, the family, and the work day - but doing it with complete freedom knowing you are the one controlling what goes on, and when.

It's Not Like This Every Day...

Of course there are variations to my schedule, at lot of those variations tend to do with the country where we are living, for example we're in Crete right now, 10 minutes from the beach, so we'll often try and get some beach time in during the week if the kids have a day off or happen to be home with us. It's these perks that make the times when there's more pressure and more work to deliver that much more satisfying and easier to handle. So there you have it. I'd love to know what your day is like if you'd like to leave a comment! 

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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