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Creative Blogging Ideas That Scream Unique And Are Super Quick To Do!

Michelle Dale - Friday, March 16, 2012

While sitting outside in the roof garden of the apartment I am staying at in Italy, as you do, I was going through my Twitter account meeting new creative, talented people online. I found a couple of Tweeps this week who really stood out to me for having such novel ideas for their blog, and I wanted to share them with you.

The reason why I wanted to share them is because I personally bookmarked them and have a couple of thoughts in mind on how to use them myself, as the blog is the heart of any business which is primarily marketing online. This can be especially so for virtual assistants. I am often asked about how someone with little time, little creativity or little inclination could start a blog, and well, these folks have given me the creative input I needed to be able to offer potential alternatives for clients and colleagues.

The Tweet Compilation Blog

This I thought was pretty cool, the idea came from a man called @CharlesCrosbie from http://charlescrosbie.com/ he does a weekly compilation of his Tweets in the form of a blog post. This is one of the most creative ways of starting a blog, without having to think of what topic you’re going to post on… it’s the same every week. You round up your best tweets and away you go! This is something I think I’ll be implementing on my blog for our online service provider community, full credit to the idea goes to Charles.

Here is what you do.

Use Twitter as you normally would each week, and as you go, make a list of your top tweets and retweets. Gather about 20 (which shouldn’t be too hard because you should ideally be posting on average no less than 10 per day) and then once you have your list – turn it into a blog post.

For 2 alternatives, you could use “Embeddable Tweets” in your blog, or you could also set up an automated version of this using something like Twylah at http://www.twylah.com/ but it won’t have the same appeal to clients I don’t think, because they won’t be cherry picked posts, and another big down side is that the blog would not be hosted on your domain.

The Pinterest Compilation Blog

It’s no secret that visual representation is BIG in social media. Facebook posts that contain images are far more likely to get a reaction, and well, I have had an idea that will bring whole new meaning to visual blogging. It’s based on the Twitter idea in a way, but it’s using Pinterest, which is ohhhh so popular right now, and quite rightly so. It’s awesome.

My idea would be to have a new board each week that you dedicate to the pins you have liked that week. I am going to implement this idea for my new e-Magazine “Paperless Entrepreneur” to make a feature of the pin board.

Here is what you do.

You’ll need a Pinterest account, and you would need to create a new board each week, a board is a little bit like a place to collect and sort images.

Pick a day each week that you want to start collecting your images for the following weeks post, and then label it something like “My Awesome Blog [DATE]” and then collect pins – Try to make them topical so you can craft a great blog post heading, like “Top 10 Motivational Quotes For Clients.”

You could the “embed” a few pins from that week into a blog post using the embed options on the images and then link back to your board, or embed all the images, get creative, mix it up a bit.

The Sentence Compilation Blog

This is another idea I nabbed from one of my followers @GeoffTalbot – he has a site slash blog called http://sevensentences.com/ – I am sure you can probably guess that his blog posts are compiled of text of around 7 sentences. Genius…

These type of blogs are made up more of profound thoughts and muses… You could choose to do a daily post of 1 sentence if you like, you had better just make it freakin’ good!

Here is what you do.

Think of a topic, and basically write out the most important point your could consider about that topic. If more points spring to mind, keep them for a different day, or make a topical series each week, just make sure you can come up with enough things to talk about, and you are skilled at making them awesome in a short piece of text.

There are loads of variations you could do on these quick blog post ideas, mostly using social media and the various tools that exist out there to go with it. I hope that these ideas will provide a little inspiration for you to start your own blog – even if you don’t feel like you can become a mainstream blogger – it will, without doubt help you in your business as a platform to leverage more business, and more clients. It’s always been the case for me in my virtual assistant business.

So there we have it! I hope these ideas will inspire you as much as they have me. In the interests of the readers of this blog, and so I can continue to create content you’ll love to come back for, I would really welcome your comments below. Please share your thoughts – right here, and on your Social Media too! Thank you so much… ~ Michelle.

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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