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Crush It On Twitter – Part 1: LIVE Experiment, Generating Awesome Virtual Assistant Leads!

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is the first part of this “2 Part Series,” which I am posting this week on Marketing Yourself Using Twitter. This series comes only from my personal experience of using Twitter as a tool to effectively gain leads, which I try and then convert into more leads or actual clients.

Do you ever sit there staring at your Twitter account, gazing into the “What’s Happening” box and wonder to yourself…. What shall I say?

If you do, then you’re trying way to hard. You need simply answer the question in front of you…

What’s happening…

That’s right, you need no skill to master Twitter other than to be yourself. Over time, you will come across so many ways to use Twitter to market and develop your business. I have been fortunate enough to have some really successful runs of “client intake” from Twitter – but in all the techniques and ways I have experimented with, there is one which works for me every time.

The best technique I have used, is in not using any “technique” at all. But I do have a tip for you which I use when I am looking to do a new client intake, of which I am going to do a live demonstration for you, so you can see it in action, in the video that goes with this post.

I have discovered that nobody of value to your business will seriously listen to you or really interact with you, unless it is YOU. I try to stick to a general rule of thumb doing several “Real” tweets, for example answering the question “What’s Happening,” or re-tweeting something from a follower, or re-tweeting a good blog post. Then in between, I scatter my links and business tweets in small numbers. But I do sincerely try not to do it too much, so that people won’t get bored of seeing business tweets. I find that (1 in 10 – 15) is about the right number.

I wanted to actually show you how being real can really work, so while I’m sitting here writing this now, I am going to go on Twitter and answer the question, “What’s Happening?” This will be my Tweet:

“I am writing an article about Twitter and I want to do an experiment – If you see this can you tweet back? Would love you forever!!! Thanks!”

Because that’s exactly what’s happening right now. But to adapt this to your own VA business you can say..

“I have an opening in my VA practise for a new client, does anyone know of someone who needs help?”

“Is there anyone out there interested in a complimentary hour of admin services?”

“I am writing an article on how to use a VA for your bookkeeping – what do you use a VA for?”

You get the idea, I have done this many times, and I have had quite a few really great leads.

So, watch the video which comes with this post to “see my ACTUAL Seesmic Desktop application” with the video proof that this can truly work for you too.

Tick Tick...

It has been 20 Minutes now, and I am checking back to see how many real @reply responses I have got from my experiment – 20 minutes isn’t very long, but Twitter runs at a fast pace so it’s about right for this kind of tweet – (I received 16 in total, and you can see the real life example in the video – it’s not very clear on the upload to YouTube so I will place a screenshot below for you). I have also tweeted and said thank you to all of these people during this time, so my original tweet is very lost at the back now, so I would advise that you wait a little while and leave your tweet up, before tweeting your “Thank You’s.” I then went on to place them in a Twitter list, and because they are all wonderful, I have put them on my “Awesome Twitter Experiment” list. See part 2 of the video on how to put them in a list.


So, very simply, be yourself, and be honest… Twitter wasn’t originally designed for business – it’s the users who saw the loophole and made it that way, so rather than market your business directly, the vital key is to first market yourself as a person — then see if these people would be interested in what you do for a living, or if they know someone who might be.

In order for this to be really effective, you need a good following on Twitter and tomorrow I will be showing you the criteria I use when building followers, and I will also be busting a Twitter Myth!

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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