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How To Create A Rockin’ Virtual Assistant Transfer Pack For Colleagues And Clients

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Over the years I have been contacted by other virtual assistants or VA companies to see if I would have the capacity to be able to ‘take on’ their clients. This is usually down to the VA ceasing to do business anymore, or because their workload can no longer accommodate the client. The interesting thing is that what I am about to suggest you do, is not widely used, well, I have certainly never come across them being readily available, so it’s a great way to show folks how innovative and forward thinking you are.

Something very useful to have around on such occasions when a client or colleague contacts you is a “Transfer Pack” (a digital one obviously – but if you do offline networking then a physical one could be produced), something you can display on your website, put into digital flip book brochure format, or have ready for when VA’s contact you for a client. It’s also handy for clients who are looking for a new VA and want to know how to make the transition.

So you’ll probably be wondering what you need to include in a transfer pack, well the good news is that you’ll likely have all the information already available to you in your existing content, it’s just a case of reworking bits and pieces to accommodate a new format, the format of a transfer pack.

Transfer Pack Checklist.

Here is a staple list of items to include in your transfer pack.

#1 – Introduction

First put in an introduction as to what the pack is designed to do, such as:

“If you are a client looking to transfer to a new virtual assistant, or you’re a VA looking to move a client account to Virtual Miss Friday, we will take every step necessary to ensure your transition period is as smooth and uninterrupted as possible.

We would like to invite you to read the following brief overview of our company information, services and rates, so you can decide if Virtual Miss Friday is going to be the right VA practise for you.

If you have any questions about your transition, please do not hesitate to email support@virtualmissfriday.com.”

#2 – About You

Keep this to a short bio, perhaps linking to a longer bio on your website.

#3 – Company & Services

Educate the client or VA on what your services and skill sets are to see if the transition can easily be made. For example, it would be useful if all the current client services could be handed over, but if you have a client who primarily does bookkeeping services with their current VA and you don’t offer that service, then you may not be the best match for the transfer.

#4 – Benefits

You should always be armed with the unique benefits of working with you or your company, and it’s essential to include these in the transfer pack.

#5 – Cost

Links to your rates and billing information (if available), I wouldn’t publish them in the document in case they become outdated and incorrect, you don’t want inaccurate rates floating around the Net. Link to a web page so the client or VA gets the most up-to-date pricing information, or at least finds out how they can obtain pricing for the services they need from you.

#6 – How It Works

Include “How It Works” information and the process of getting started and what you’ll be doing during the transition from the previous VA to you. Make sure you really spell it out. Make it step-by-step, and include any tools, systems or resources you’ll be using in the move, such as a project management area, or Dropbox. By offering the transfer you’ll likely be coordinating the move with the existing virtual assistant rather than the client, but the client may want to coordinate it with you themselves or be a part of it, so keeping the client and VA on the same page as you is very important.

#7 – Conclusion

Finally, create a conclusion message offering contact information in case they have any questions. If you will charge a fee for the transition, now is a good time to mention it, and be clear about what the fee includes.

Once you’ve put your transfer pack information together you can think of all the different ways you can deliver it to the client or to a virtual assistant. We touched on this earlier, and below is a list of a few more ideas:

  • Create a PDF brochure.
  • Publish into a digital flip book using something like Issuu.
  • Share on document sharing sites, such as docstoc.com.
  • Make a slideshow presentation for slideshare.
  • Create a screencast video using the presentation.
  • Create a Prezi.com of it.
  • Make an audio or podcast.

By having a transfer pack available you can demonstrate to VA’s and clients that making the transition to a new VA doesn’t have to be awkward or complicated. I have heard on many occasions from new clients, that they ‘stuck it out’ with their current VA who they were unhappy with, simply because they got comfortable and thought it may be too much of a hassle to make the move. You now have a procedure in place to help make it a smooth and well organised experience. Enjoy putting together your transfer pack!

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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