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Running A Six Figure Virtual Assistant Company – How Much Time Does It Really Take?

Michelle Dale - Monday, March 07, 2011

I received a comment over the weekend on one of my blog posts which was from a fellow virtual assistant, and she was asking me a really brilliant question, “What I’d really like to know though, is how many hours do you average nowadays? I really wonder is it possible to achieve and maintain a 6-figure income, mostly online, without working huge hours?“

When I read this question, I thought to myself this may come up more than once, so I decided to answer this more in-depth than just via a comment. You can skip to the part where I tell you what my schedule is, or you can read my intro.

First off, I have always been an entrepreneur before being a virtual assistant, so my mind is constantly racing with ideas and thoughts regarding online business and all the brilliant things we can do as virtual assistants to service our clients and expand our companies, so most of the time my head is working around the clock 24/7 – and because I have this kind of creative entrepreneurial mind, and I have pretty much got my own virtual assistant business to where I want it to be, I have now started offering my services to other VA’s in order to help them create the same kind of business I have, that’s the reason why I started this blog, and why I am now offering coaching, creative and technical assistance to other VA’s in the industry, so my head doesn’t explode and the ideas can actually be used by people who need help in this area of their business.

So in terms of my time in general, my personal life, my virtual assistant business and my other ventures and projects all blend in together like Neapolitan ice-cream, and take up all my time.


In terms of ‘just’ Virtual Miss Friday which is my virtual assistant business, I now primarily do consulting, and advising, I come up with plans, ideas and solutions for clients and their businesses, based on their goals and what they want to achieve, and then my team will help me implement these plans efficiently and effectively, as most of them specialise in specific areas of the industry, and in some cases can do the task in hand better than me, (let’s face it, we can’t all be good at everything) this works out well for all parties, and I also find this way of providing virtual assistance has certainly yielded the best results for my clients. It basically means the master plans can come together as a whole, implemented by a group of people who work together to produce the end result, I ensure everything goes through smoothly, I troubleshoot, research and oversee everything. I then make sure that my administrative team are fully equipped with everything they need, including instructions and directions on how to service the clients general administration and office requirements, via a retainer package for example. I basically do what I do best, but of course this happened over time and it was not an overnight transition.

My Virtual Assistant Company Schedule

So putting all of my other personal projects aside, which are not directly related to Virtual Miss Friday, I do still work daily in my virtual assistant business, and this is what I do on average per week, part of it is paid consulting work and part of it is my overall business management, such as marketing, networking, estimates, new client consultations, support requests and general enquiries, discussing projects with clients and team members, invoicing, delegating new project or administration requests and online meetings.

Please note on Monday’s and Tuesday’s I am still contracted with a client to provide VA services myself personally, so this can take between around 8 to 10 hours across those 2 days per week. The time stated below is actual concentrated time I need where I can focus my attention and be productive, and it does not include tea breaks.

  • MONDAY – Up to 8 hours
  • TUESDAY – Up to 6 hours
  • WEDNESDAY – Up to 4 hours
  • THURSDAY – Up to 4 hours
  • FRIDAY – Up to 4 hours

I generally don’t work on weekends unless there is some sort of urgent project/task or there’s a technical disaster, those are very rare!

Keep In Mind.

This is an ‘average,’ some of it I do in my office, and some remotely via my iPad or laptop, and of course there are certain times when I have to work more or less than others, when I work more, it’s usually if a client has larger projects with important deadlines they are working on and they need more of my attention, if a member of my team is away, I will often step in and take over – I can do everything myself – I started off this way and I still can do pretty much everything myself if need be, so I can always rely on myself as a contingency, and I also help out the creative team with design work and tasks such as video editing and design and website development, at times I may also have a handful of clients on a VIP package which I have set up to cater for the clients who require a higher degree of my personal attention, so again, during such times, I often work longer hours when I am providing cover, or when we have overspill work, which needs to be done.

But none of these things I have mentioned above are consistent, and they are more the exception than the rule.

Really the key to working less and earning more is finding reliable, high quality, skilled people to assist you, and then ensuring you have mutual respect for each other.

How Is It Possible…

Just to let you know, there is absolutely no way I could have started this blog and ventured into helping virtual assistants had I not made some serious changes in my business, I was really way too busy to entertain the idea, but very determined to want to help people, so in order to do this I needed to shift a few things.

The schedule of working in my VA business wasn’t always like this, and in all honesty I used to put many, many, (many!) more hours in, which meant eventually I had to make some quite strategic changes to the structure of my business in order to be able to take on a more defined role as a consultant, which is where my talents are, but also still be able to work closely with my clients, and implement the advice I was giving, along with all the technical elements to it, and make everything happen for the client ‘under one roof,’ so to speak.

On Wednesday I am posting an article on exactly how I did this, and what those strategic structural changes actually were. This will help any virtual assistant who wants to expand into more of a scalable enterprise and continuously increase revenue, whilst retaining their sanity and still having a life.

Since I wrote the post about the revenue in my VA business, it has continued to increase, and since making the strategic changes which I am going to walk you through on Wednesday, my hours have decreased considerably, allowing more of a balance between life, work and my other projects, while still being able to consistently increase income.

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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