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Thoughts On The Paris Attacks

Michelle Dale - Sunday, November 15, 2015

With the events this week in France where more than 120 people were killed in a horrific terrorist attack in the capital, and there were many more injured, I don't think we can help but think to ourselves, what if...

I used to live in France, my husband and I got married there, my eldest daughter was born there, we were always so taken aback by how gentle the people there are - and we've spent time in the beautiful city of Paris - it's an extraordinary location.

What If...

The "what if" comes into play when we consider to ourselves, that those people were going about their normal day, people in the stadium were enjoying a friendly football match, there were people eating out in restaurants and having fun at a rock concert - and then without rhyme, reason or warning, they, and those they loved are suddenly thrown into a very different, unimaginable circumstance.

What if that was me - my husband - my children... It's incomprehensible and should give us a HUGE reminder as to how fragile and precious life is.

What NOW...

So what do we do with this... For some they are picking up the pieces of the aftermath of this tragedy, for others, we're observing from around the world with a heavy heart, that in this day, this age and with the lessons of previous wars behind us, we still are behaving in such a manner.

How have they not realised that if it's power they want, power over people, over countries, love is far more powerful than war ever will be. Killing innocent unarmed civilians only demonstrates that those responsible, for whatever reason they did it, are stone cold cowards.

What nEXT...

I do have to say having also lived in a muslim country for over 2 years, I can't emphasise enough that this is not an act of, or condoned by all muslims - I know many muslims who are good people, and are just as devastated, possibly even more-so by these acts of terrorism than many non-muslims.

We'll all handle these events in our own way, some will be enraged at these people and want to fight back, some will be sad, or angry, or hateful, some will feel helpless... In France the government now has the horrible task of deciding what to do next, how they'll respond to what happened, and what that will mean for the people of their country... to say that's a difficult task is an understatement.

For me, I feel all we can do as onlookers is go on, living life every day, and honouring how precious it is, not taking the fact that we wake up in the morning for granted, and doing whatever we can to be happy and to help others to be happy, so no matter what happens in life, whether our lives are short or long, we know that we did all we could to be the best we could be, and do the best we can do for those around us...

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