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The Fear Pep Talk (from the heart)

Michelle Dale - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I've literally had multiple emails over the last month from many of you gorgeous people who have been wanting to start a VA business, to do numerous things like travel, change their lives, be home with their kids, dump their boss etc... and feel just so afraid about it all. I even wrote a blog post addressing this picking out a specific example.

The thing is, the emails have kept coming in... and today, I woke up, it was a normal day, my kids are home from Greek school as it's Easter holidays here in Crete, so I've got my "mummy look" on, hair scraped back, no make-up, looking a bit dishevelled from my baby being up all night with a fever (she's okay by the way, but you know how it goes) and I just thought "Michelle, you have to say something..." and whilst I'd love to have prettified myself - you know to save the embarrassment of looking like a 'normal' person on camera ha ha, I let my stylist have the day off, typical... tee hee ;-) I have a full schedule today, so it was a quick sit out in the Garden, with the iPad and a few personal thoughts on the subject of fear.

I don't know if this will help you or not, but I know for sure, the more you focus your energy on 'unhealthy' fear (I explain more in the video) the more you're giving that course of action the strength to appear in your life - that's the sobering power you have over what happens to you.

  • Afraid of not getting any clients.
  • Afraid of quitting your job.
  • Afraid to invest money into something that could help you.
  • Afraid of failure.
  • Afraid of running out of money.
  • Afraid of travelling and something going wrong.
  • Afraid of what people will say or think.
  • Afraid of making a wrong decision.
  • Afraid you're not ready.
  • Afraid of confrontation with people over what you're doing.
  • Afraid of clients not wanting you, etc...

Someone even contacted me saying they were afraid of not getting any clients, and then in the next sentence afraid of actually getting a client in case they did something wrong... This is sending out so many mixed messages to any kind of universal force that wants to have your back...

Fear is about stepping into the unknown, and nobody is immune to these feelings, not even people who supposedly appear to have it all.

You can never immediately switch off the feeling of fear, but you can make a conscious effort to be responsible for what comes next in your life, and say to yourself... Could I be wasting my time here spending 30 minutes of effort and emotional energy thinking about all the things I'm afraid of?... Hmmmm, I wonder if I put that 30 minutes into marketing, or client hunting, or just laying in the sunshine - (and believe me that 30 minutes is much better spent laying in the sunshine) - Would that be more helpful to my cause?...

Can I get a Hell Yeah! Here's your new mantra for when fear comes knocking...

"This is what I want, and nothing can stop me, not even the challenges, or the setbacks, or the roadblocks, or things not going exactly the way I want - because at every stage in this process - I'm just going to keep moving forward, and deal with it. Step aside Fear, you're wasting your time here - because I'm in this for only one outcome. Now, what can I do right now to help me feel better?"

On the blog today - one of those, just gotta say this videos... http://www.virtualmissfriday.com/michelle/the-fear-pep-talk

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Thursday, April 28, 2016

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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