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Halloween Black Moon - Spooky Or Powerful?

Michelle Dale - Saturday, October 29, 2016

I just got off a Skype chat with my mate Tiffany (I introduced her to you a few blog posts ago), we were chatting about business, and she said, "So what are you doing for the Black Moon on Sunday?" - at first I thought it was maybe some weird Halloween thingy, I would of said "I'm watching the Halloween results episode of Strictly Come Dancing on the box - OF COURSE!", but after she started explaining I became very interested - this apparently is the time to harness the power of transformation! So she said to me, "Would you like to share my post on it with your peeps?" and I said 'Yes please!' so hear she is, over to you Tiffany ;-)

Buddha was said to be responsible for many a true word, although really I kinda picture him as the strong silent type - you know the type? That when they say something everyone shuts up and listens because it doesn't happen that often - and when it does it's really worth listening to.

Timeless wisdom. And at the same time it's probably never been as relevant as it has been lately - and even more so over the next two weeks.


The Moon's been going loony tunes since the eclipse season began back in September. We've had almost Eclipses, bang on Eclipses, Super Moons, (Doo Lally Moons :)) and now for those of us in Europe we have a Black Moon in Scorpio the day before Halloween, (Halloween itself for Asia, Japan, Australia or New Zealand).


A Black Moon is the name given to the second new moon that happens in the month, this happens once every 32 months (hence the title). However, a black moon landing at the time of halloween? A once in a lifetime thing - if that.


A New Moon - The best day of the month for starting afresh, setting new intentions, plans and goals.

A Black Moon
- A double dose of power for starting afresh, firing up intentions and boosting goals - IF you are doubly committed to clearing out that which no longer serves.

- The sign of transformation.

- The time of the year when power and magic is at its strongest.

Put it altogether and this weekend is set to be one of the strongest in a VERY long time for harnessing the power of transformation.


Well, you have to be willing to allow the person you are today to die so that you can give birth to the person you are meant to become. This is one of the most powerful secrets to manifesting - well it's not really a secret, it's more like common sense. You can't be everything to everyone, just like you can't put more in your kitchen cupboard if it's already full. So let's get started with:


1) Think about all the things in your life that are now redundant, holding you back or no longer serving you, you know - the things that feel "dead".


2) Make a list of what to let go of - on this list goes certain ways of thinking, beliefs, behaviours, dynamics, relationships, habits, activities and possessions that you have outgrown or that hold you back. What you're going to do and when to clear out the energy and make way for the new. Now share it with someone close to you that you trust to keep your confidence and witness you and keep you accountable for doing what you said you're going to do when you said you're going to do it (the first few steps on each one must be started as close to the next 3 days as possible to harness the power).


3) Set a time in your diary to action each action - and stick to it!


Sometimes it's easier to know what we don't want more than what we do want. It can feel more like a process of elimination rather than creation, and that's okay. I believe there's a reason for that.

If you're anything like me you might be in a really nebulous state right now. Sometimes we have to let the universe do its thing - you know, create us, rather than the other way round.

Last year I was working so hard on my business I was completely out of whack. I was giving my time, money and energy to the wrong people or places. I felt trapped and miserable. Although things looked great on a business front, everything else on a deeper level was getting not only stuck but more and more entrenched.

I was feeling that it was my responsibility to create everything, do it right, and do it RIGHT now. It was a very heavy cross to bear.

Then I went to India for a couple of weeks on my own and when I got back, I felt different. I thought I had learnt to chill out a bit more and just spend more time with the people I loved, but little did I know.

When I arrived back, my house and car keys weren't where I put them, I lost my bank card, my phone broke and things happened in my home that forced me out. Two weeks later I was back on a plane leaving everything behind. My car, my cat, my home, my family.

I trekked through the majestic redwoods in California, I swam in the clear blue seas of Mexico, I drove up and down death-defying mountains in Spain and detoxed in Portugal.

I came back to the UK for two weeks again - just to feel the country I had always called home kick me out permanently.

Two weeks ago I landed in Andalucia and have signed a contract on a beautiful new home. I can't say I know what I'm doing here and I can't say I know what I want at the moment. I just know what I don't want and that I am being guided.

I'm back in contact with the universe at a much deeper level than I was when I got swamped with the responsible feeling of "I must bust a gut".

I have been waking up at the times of the new and full moons lately (literally bang on the mark in the early hours of the morn) with thoughts of new projects and ideas that feel exciting and full of life.

But I am done with pushing.

Now I'm practicing being true to me, to reality, to where I am. To only giving energy to what's right for me, and in the right way. That means deconstructing rather than creating - concentrate on letting go and letting God.

I know that these two projects I have seen will come through - and they will take work (one is actually very nearly there) but the work is different this time. It's created by release and listening.

So I offer it up to you, how about letting go of the vision you have for you?

Instead of you telling the Moon who you want to become, how about asking the Moon to talk to you, to show you where you're stuck, dead and who you are to become?

It might take a while, but commit to your thought, word, and deed and the Moon may well pay you a visit the next time she grows full or starts all over again...

I wish you well with harnessing the full power of this time. If you wish to join me in going a bit deeper with working with the current energies there's a couple of ways you can do so below: 


1) On Sunday (the day before Halloween) at the time of the Black Moon (5:38pm UK time) I'm going to do a 'live' ritual on Facebook, if you want to join in then get:

One new white candle.

One incense stick and holder.

One stone / crystal.

One cup of water / oil burner.

And send me a friend request - I'm easy to find "Tiffany Jane Crosara" - add me to your notifications and be on Facebook at that time and we will get banishing!

2) Then the BIG one is on Tuesday (which is All Soul's Day and really celebrated here in Spain).

I'm going to do a FREE 'live' class on Getting Yourself Connected (not created) but Connected, so that you can hear the whispers on the winds that are there for you. Click here to save your free seat

So there you have it! If you're interested in doing something new this halloween, then I highly suggest you take Tiffany up on her offer - it sounds like fun, and you never know what could happen! That's the beauty of Halloween, right?

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