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How To Super-Size Your Virtual Assistant Business With Scalable Business Roles

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First of all, before I go into these business roles, I will tell you a bit of a story about where I am at in my business now. Marketing my business services is an essential part of my daily workload. I made a mistake before of becoming complacent with marketing in favour of other projects and sometimes would go weeks (even months) without actively pursuing business, simply relying on contact forms from folks who found me in the search engines, and referral business.

The first lesson I learnt for creating a scalable business, that always progresses forwards and never sideways or backwards  – Never Stop Marketing.

This year I have taken an unexpected turn in my business, I have always felt comfortable at the size I am at with my company, but now I realise, in order to achieve my new goals set forth this year, it’s time for growth on a larger scale. I now have the time to devote 50% or more of my day to marketing and business development. The remainder goes to managing my team, and the existing VA services clientbase – and keeping my business running smoothly.

What I have realised during this change is that I made the right decision by always marketing myself as 3 things:

  1. Online Business Consultant
  2. Online Business Manager
  3. Virtual Assistant

The combination of these 3 roles is very powerful, allowing me to intake clients on various scales, some small wanting to get started (but grow over time), others more established. So, let’s explore more about what these roles mean to me, and how they are defined within my business – which I have set up to be scalable – really, really scalable. I have decided this year (as a long-term plan), that I would like to grow my business at least 3 to 5 times the size it currently is, I decided I want to push my limits. The decision came when I hit a point where I was considering scaling down (yeah really) but after weighing up all the pros and cons and how scaling down would impact my family – I decided to go much larger – it was a tough decision, but the right one. Plus this way I can help more clients as opposed to less.

So let’s take a look at how these roles play a significant part in my scalable business model.

1 – Online Business Consultant.

In my business I provide an all-in-one set of services for entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners (they can be in any industry – I have no niche as such, never have, probably never will) to utilise. These services I call “Virtual Assistant” services, and these are the services which power a business.

My role, is to know, understand and best advise on how my range of services can be utilised within the client’s business. I have years of experience with this, and hence my role as a service provider in my company is now a consultant. I offer advice, strategies and recommendations to clients on best courses of action. It’s my role as a consultant to agree upon the best course of action for my clients business requirements and end goals.

2 – Online Business Manager.

As an online business manager I have a team of people around me who are skilled in many different areas. It’s my role as an online business manager to organise my team, be responsible for hiring the skill-sets I need in order to implement the course of action agreed with my client. The online business manager role I take in my company is that of organisation, coordination, project management and day-today operations, making sure everything is running smoothly. The role of online business manager is the glue that holds together my online business consultant role and my virtual assistant role.

3 – Virtual Assistant.

This is where it all began for me, with virtual assistant services. The VAs in my team have a variety of skills, which are associated with providing support and assistance to business owners around the world. The focus is on efficiency, core-value, processing and time-management. We provide essential services to the business owner, online that helps them with their business, whether their needs be administrative, creative, technical or all three.

I am proud of my roles, I am proud of my team and I am so encouraged to have created this scalable model for my business which will allow me to reach my goals for the coming years. Scalability is always something that needs to be controlled – move to fast, you could compromise on the quality of your service, but move to slow, you could find that financially you run into problems. Make sure you’re in the ‘right season’ as Tony Robbins calls it (see video at the top). Now is my season to expand, now I feel it’s the right time. How about you?

How this business model evolved for me…

Obviously I didn’t slip into these roles overnight – for me it happened over a few years, but I hope by explaining how it’s gone for me it may help give you vision for the future of your own company.

My company started off as Virtual Assistant Services only, and there was me, one virtual assistant, doing everything, being everything, it was quite restricting because half the day was servicing clients and the other half went on just running my business and doing everything that needed to be done. I wasn’t going to be able to provide the sole household income like this so the only option for me then was to hire in some help.

Over time, and through experience I began hiring people to help me in servicing clients, this then meant I had to not only provide VA services myself to clients, I also had to manage and coordinate the folk I was hiring, this is when I really got my skills in project managing online and hiring online teams, it was a learning curve, but then I became an “online business manager” (some people find this role a little confusing, it can be interpreted in different ways – for me, online business manager is not managing other people’s businesses, that is not and never would be my part in all this – this role is simply to manage my own team who provide the VA services.)

Then, as time went on, and I became more experienced in what I was doing online, not to mention thousands of hours of research and practical experience, I went into consulting, which has been my most profitable venture in terms of the services I now offer my clients – but at the same time, would be very difficult for me to continue if I didn’t have my VA team, because my consulting is and will always be based on my own personal experience, and current trends – in order to know what these current trends actually are from practical experience (and not just taking other people’s word for it), I need to be “on the playing field” testing and putting things into practise constantly on the service side of things.

So there you have it, scalable business roles you could use in any virtual assistant company, not ever ‘changing’ the way you do business, but simply ‘evolving’ into new areas. It works for me!

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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