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Anyone Could Get Your Information For Free - So Why Would They Pay?

Michelle Dale - Friday, April 18, 2014

Do you look to get information for free? Do you ever look at other people's products and think to yourself, the information in those products could change your life, but then don't move forward because it has a price tag on it?

Are you someone who sells information products or perhaps provides information based services like consulting or teaching? Do you sometimes tell yourself that you're not sure what you should be charging for that information... or even if you should be charging at all?

This post contains an incredible secret that will allow you to get everything you want for free.

Here's the secret.

Are you ready?

All information, no matter what it is, or where it is, is already free - all of it...

Now for the trickier part...

Information like fruit is only free to you, IF you are the one that picks it from the tree.

Bummer or not?

If you ask or expect another to perform the service of picking it for you, washing it, peeling it, preparing it etc... There's nothing negative about those individuals asking for the idea of money in exchange for the service.

And you shouldn't feel negative towards it either.

If you've been picking and picking and picking to create your products and services for your clients and customers, they're very entitled and able to get those for free, as long as they do all the same kind of picking that you've done to get the information, knowledge, ideas, inspiration and expertise that you have, that they want. 

This could be something that's taken you a short time to obtain or a long time, but we have to acknowledge that it's taken your time and effort. 

So you see, everything is already free, everything has a source, and that source began, at the very start for free, whether it's knowing how to effortlessly cook the perfect egg or building a rocket ship bound for the moon.

Everybody Gets Something

I know what you're going to say - I get loads of other people's fruit for free.

You just gotta enter an email address right, then you get taken to a download page, or read a public blog or article. 

This is true, I even do this myself, give information away for free to people - but I always get something for it. It doesn't necessarily have to be a financial exchange, and often times, people are giving me what I want in exchange without even realising it. 

For example, I sell training programmes, these programmes contain in many cases a decade of fruit picking and learning which I plucked from the tree entirely for free, learning through trial and error, late nights, early mornings, picking and plucking away. I will often charge for these programmes, but I also answer people's questions, provide free eBooks and reports or other information, like the hundreds of posts on this blog - entirely for free, but just because someone isn't paying me money doesn't mean to say I'm not getting what I want in return.

I interrupt this post to...

Share a story, then we'll get right back to it

Sometimes all I want is feedback, comments, even people telling me the information has changed their lives is enough of a payment for me, like Martha's amazing real and uncut story below, I got to 3 minutes and 30 seconds and the tears started rolling down my cheeks... It's an incredible journey - You can't help but admire this woman and her determination, and I know that in some way my picking has been able to make a contribution to a better life for her and her family. I can't do this for everyone of course, I would love to but I think I'd have to be far more evolved as a human being, but I always do what I can, where I can, from where I am. 

In the video Martha also shares her results from a 2 day workshop I held called, "Turn Your Business Around In 30 Days." 

"...What Michelle did over those 2 days was unbelievable, I learned so much, I applied everything from the 30 day workshop into my business, within 30 days my income had doubled, within another 30 days, my income had doubled again, and in the next 30 days I had two additional team members, the reason why I had to build up my team is that I had so much business, I didn't know what to do, I had to turn away two potential clients because I was so busy..."  

So you see, it simply depends on the context of what's being offered. Sometimes I would like the opportunity simply to communicate with you, in this sense I get paid through an email sign up, or a Twitter follow, or a Facebook like...

Why People Will Pay You

I respect and applaud and admire all of those people picking from all the other trees around the orchard, while I spent my time and effort picking at mine, so we can all provide products and services that will allow one another to save all of that additional picking and get to our fruit salads quicker.

Providing I really wanted the product or service, I'd happily pay for it, knowing how much time, energy and effort it will save me in obtaining it for free. Providing someone really wants your product or service, they'll do the same.

I would also expect that the higher the fruit, or the more rare the fruit, the more difficult it was to reach or the longer it took to pluck, would of course come at more of a premium than the low hanging, more common fruits.

Think about it, and charge appropriately for all that picking you've done to create the perfect product or service for your clients or customers - you've saved them a whole lot of picking ;-)

Rotten Fruit

This is what I want to touch on finally - most people aren't stupid. Do you think they'll pay for (or keep coming back to pay for more) rotten fruit that has no use value to them, tastes fowl, or will cause them more harm than good - Nooooooo! Of course they won't. 

So stick to the golden rule - always provide your finest, top quality pickings when you provide any kind of information, and try to always keep it fresh, no matter what it is and what exchange is being made for it. Never compromise on quality or you'll find that the client or customer will move on to another more reputable fruit picker ;-)

End of metaphor ;-)

What have you been picking? Would love to hear about your products and services in the comments section below.

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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