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10 Ways To Use “Pay With A Tweet” To Run Promotions For Your Business

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I recently came across a neat little service called Pay With A Tweet – it’s the first thing like this I have ever seen, and they call it a “Social Payment System.” Being me, I naturally got very excited about this system, it’s new, it’s online, it’s something that potentially could help clients go viral, and I thought I would try it out – you can see it in action on my FREE eBook The VA Business, now whilst this eBook is technically free, as in you don’t have to pay for it, you do actually need to Tweet or ‘Facebook‘ it, in order to get the book, which I think is a fair exchange.

The set up process for allowing people to pay with a tweet is very simple, you simply enter a few details into a page on the website here http://paywithatweet.com/sell.php – you add in your link to the page or product they are tweeting for, the link and tweet you want people to tweet to other people, and then it automatically creates the button for you. You simply copy and paste the code onto your webpage and it’s done.

Here are a few different ways you can promote or ‘sell’ with a tweet. These are really random ‘off the top of my head’ ideas, that could plant a seed in your head for a promotion or viral offering, many of them will need additional thought to actually work, such as figuring out the pros and cons, and also whether you have time to manage it. But I would certainly say that many of them are worth a try, because if you don’t try, you’ll never know right?

#1 :: Blog Posts.

You can create an exclusive category on your blog that folk need to tweet to access the page or blog posts in that category.

#2 :: Membership.

You can sell free access to a trial of a membership site, for example, 1 Tweet gets you 1 day free. (You’ll need to limit this to a maximum number of times you’ll allow it though.)

#3 :: Services.

You can sell VA minutes for a Tweet – this is probably the most difficult idea to implement for various reasons, but it’s still an idea… for example, if the client, over the course of a month Tweets about your services 15 times, you’ll in exchange set them up with a little micro-package of things you could do for it. Like a blog post on one of their products, or sharing their website on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll need to monitor the number of times this is done. Also I would restrict it to tweets in quality accounts, so you would need to set a criteria e.g. number of followers, minimal automation, a Klout score over a certain amount etc…

#4 :: Tweets.

You can sell Tweets in your own account, so for example, if someone Tweets for you, then you can Tweet them in exchange, you can simply send them to a landing page with a form, and they can give you the link they would like you to Tweet – but you’ll need to be clear about terms and conditions about the type of links and content you are willing to tweet to stay on topic.

#5 :: Comments.

You can sell a comment, so for example, if someone tweets one of your webpages, like a newsletter subscribe page, you can post a comment on their blog in exchange. You’ll need to send them to a form so they can give you the link to their post.

#6 :: Multimedia.

You can sell an eBook, WhitePaper, Guide, Video, Audio etc… anything that is downloadable or anything which has a link – even if it’s simply content on a webpage.

#7 :: Lists.

You can sell a ‘best resources list,’ for example, resources for clients for working with a service provider.

#8 :: Consultations.

You can sell some sort of a 20 minute laser consultation, when they Tweet, they can get access to your calendar to book it.

#9 :: Portfolio Examples.

You can sell access to an example of your work, so for example, if you are an excellent graphic designer, you can design some nice social media icons and sell access to those, this gets you a tweet and demonstrates your work.

#10 :: Sandwiches.

You can sell a Ham Sandwich – lol, only joking.

So see how it goes, and start brainstorming your own list of things you are willing to offer in exchange for a Tweet or Facebook post. It’s a great way to experiment with your content and see how viral it can go!

If you would like to download my eBook in exchange for a Tweet, and see this thing in action, head over to VirtualAssistant-Live.com/tvab

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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