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How To Obtain A Daily Stream Of Highly Targeted People For FREE, And What To Do With Them

Michelle Dale - Friday, March 02, 2012
This is a great tip for anyone who is looking to target a certain market or group of people for their online service business. The best part of it all, is that the stream of connections come through daily, in real-time through Paper.li – a totally free service which runs through your Twitter account.

Now you can either do a highly specific targeted paper, or you could do a general paper or you could do several! The idea behind Paper.li, is that the paper will choose content from your followers for the newspaper based on certain parameters. Now a lot of the papers out there are set to post just from your followers, but your followers base may not always be targeted enough for you to know if they are potential client material – but now you can filter the ‘Hot’ leads via your daily, and this is how…

#1 Create Your Paper.

First you have to create you Paper.li account, this is easy because you just sign in using your Twitter account at http://paper.li/ – Give it a name and move onto step 2!

#2 Choose Your Hashtags.

You can then choose your filters and settings, below shows what you are permitted to use, and there is a restriction of 10, so this is crucial you choose wisely, and monitor results, you can always go and change them if you’re not happy with the content coming in.

The best (top 3) options you can choose from I have found are coming in a 3 - ”Keywords On Twitter”, then 2, “Keywords On Facebook” and finally, in the number 1 spot, and what has produced the best results for me, is finding suitable hashtags for the keywords you’re looking to target, so for this article, I’ll focus on those – the more hashtags you can find the better, because these produce the most highly targeted results, so for example let’s say you provide virtual assistance to cyclists, and you want to target cyclists as a potential client market – here is what you need to do.

a) Go to Hashtags.org, and put in a variety of potential words in the search related to Cyclists – it will either come up with results or not. If you get a decent set of results for a word, check those results out and see if you can spot any other good hashtags, until you find a decent set of tags for your paper.

e.g #cyclists, #roadies, #cyclesafe, #cycle, #race etc…

b) You then need to add those hashtags to your Paper.li

#3 What To Do With Them.

Once you save it, and your paper propagates you’ll have a bunch of results for those tags coming in, you’ll probably wonder what you do next!

Well, each result has a publisher name e.g. Your VA Lisa in the example below from my own Paper The Virtually Anywhere Daily:

You can either click the link on the name of the person and you’ll be able to see whether they are someone from your market who you can then connect and interact with, or you could just click Follow, or Favourite if you like the look of them. What you’ll be looking for is to retweet, interact, introduce yourself, share you expertise with assisting cyclists – or of course whatever your target market is, and generally just be social. Now, this is the thing, you could go into your strategies for converting them into a lead and then a client, but I wouldn’t do that with these types of connections, I would approach them more subtly, and explain what you do, and ask if there is a possibility of you telling their community about you through a guest post on a blog, webinar, telecall or slot in a newsletter for example, something indirect – and by doing this you are opening the door to a much wider targeted audience than simply working on an individual.

So! There you have it, another simple, yet automated way of connecting you and your business with the right people in ‘Real-Time”. If you would like to see a tutorial of how I put together my own Paper.li check out this month’s VISA in The VA Passport.

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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