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How To Overcome Your Biggest Challenges In Business

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Today I’m announcing that I am almost at the end of a road, a road that I started journeying back in 2010. I still have a little way to go, and I wanted to share with you a reality, a hope, and a formula for overcoming the biggest challenges in your business that you’ll face. This post is long, so grab a coffee, vino, whatever you fancy.

I have had a lot going on over these last few months, for example there was “The 31% Event” back in May which was to celebrate turning 31 and to generate a new client base, then the 4th of July offer for the first time ever 12 month payment plan for The VA Apprentice, then a new product launch called The VA Shoestring and the release of the 2nd issue of my free online business magazine, The Paperless Entrepreneur – to some it seems like I never stop keeping those wheels turning, and they’d be right, I don’t, I have learnt to stay active in business – not passive.

The Ebb & Flow.

Online business and providing the kind of services that a VA provides can be one of the most exciting challenges that life can present. I am going to be completely honest and say that it can also be stressful, no matter how much you love it and want those amazing things to happen.

The biggest challenge in my own business I have faced over the years is learning how to maintain a level of consistency with the amount of business I am taking in and not getting too ‘relaxed’ for periods of time when things are going well, over time, I’ve got better at this, but that’s exactly what it took – time. Depending on our circumstances, mindset and philosophy on life and work, for some of us, when we think things are on the down, and we are having trouble with the daily challenges that business presents us with, for example, bringing in those all important clients, we tend to sink further down thinking there’s no hope the longer the client drought goes on, but you must know and be willing to pin your hopes on something which has happened to me many times over the years.

The most amazing thing is that things can turn around, almost instantly, like flipping a coin – everything can change and you can get a client in days, even hours – yes really! This is just one example of a common business challenge, but it can be true to almost any problem.

The Key To Business Longevity.

The key to longevity in business is a compound of 4 things, we’ll go into this a little more later:

  1. Action
  2. Emotions
  3. Knowledge
  4. Experience

It doesn’t mean the more you have of those elements the better, you can have oodles of completely useless knowledge and you’ll get nowhere, but what it does mean is you need the right balance of everything to make it work. The wrong balance and the wrong kind of information can make or break your business.

A member of my business programme The VA Apprentice recently wrote in our Facebook group:

“I just wanted to let you know that so far, your training is superb! I am learning as much as I am “unlearning” all of the garbage that has been taught to me about running a business like this. I’ve worked with a few coaches and much of their advice hurt my company. Thank you for creating this!”

And that’s what I’m talking about… You need the right kind of information, from the right kind of people. The problem or issue you’re facing in your business could be caused by a completely unconsidered symptom, and if the symptom is not diagnosed then you can simply kiss goodbye to ever resolving it – I’ve learnt that the hard way, just like even the top professionals in their field have, like Gordon Ramsay for example, one of the world’s top multi-million pound chefs has problems, and when things are going wrong, the truly brilliant people wake up and smell the coffee – and make a change.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Imagine you’ve been sitting there day in day out working on everything you can possibly think of to make your business work, starting out with all the confidence and drive, but as time passes losing the faith you had in yourself because you simply can’t pass a certain point and you’re thinking, do I keep moving forward or do I cut my losses and go back.

Well, I’ve had thoughts of this throughout running my business and every time, every scenario even if it seems hopeless, if I have a shred of something to go on, a scrap of hope no matter how small, even if the risks are high – I’ll keep moving forward, I’ve been willing to spend my last dollar on a “maybe” – I’ll take the risks, and every time, it’s always paid off, right when it needed to, sometimes at the last minute, and sometimes, after the last minute has gone and you’re still hanging on.

Your Alternative.

Every business has its ups and downs, and I know from experience that working online is no different. If you want consistent predictability then stay in your 9-5, take your pay cheque, and wait for your pension, how long do you have left of that? Only 20, 30, 40 years… No worries, hey maybe when you retire you’ll get to where you always dreamed you’d be… There are times over the years where I would have thought that might actually be a better option than entrepreneurship, then I came to my senses.

So Scrap That Alternative…

If you want to change your life, if you want to overcome the odds, if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of survival in this jungle, then you have to do those 4 important things – every day.

#1 – Take some serious ACTION – If you don’t, I guarantee you nothing will change.

#2 – Put your EMOTION into it – If you’re angry with your lack of success then channel that towards something productive, a late night direct marketing session for example, not an “I’m going to go and feel sorry for myself” session.

#3 – Get the right KNOWLEDGE – Don’t blindly go into believing everything you hear, read or see. Find sources you can trust and then take a leap of faith and learn from them.

#4 – Work, work, work – This is the only way you’ll get the EXPERIENCE of putting what you’ve learnt into practise and without it, you won’t be able to tweak and alter things to suit your particular circumstances.

Great, worthwhile, long lasting business is not and never will be a “one size fits all” kind of thing. If you come across someone who’s never had a problem or eeeek moment in their business, and everything appears fine and dandy all the time, then you could spot them polishing the wings on their flying pig on the weekends.

How Can I Help You?

I mentioned coming up to the end of the road, and I meant this quite literally – it’s the end of my series of 5 amazing resources that I call “The VA Roadmap“.

You may have seen that the most recent addition I mentioned earlier launched in July called “The VA Shoestring” and that is part of a complete set of carefully crafted material that will cover everything you need to succeed, every one has a purpose, and a place in developing a successful online service business, every one is a connection to an end destination – a clear and steadfast direction.

I’ve put in huge amounts of thought, dedication, humility, reality and poured obscene amounts of time, energy and money into making these programmes the BEST on the Web for anyone serious about creating an online service business empire, and I’ve held nothing back.

I believe in the Roadmap, I’ve seen the results and impact it has had on the lives of those who have embraced the opportunities it holds within it, and now there is only one final element missing, which is almost complete, it’s called “The VA Rockstar” – where I have gotten together with an extremely successful, corporate multi-national business and sales coach that helped me move mountains in my own business, and I can’t wait to see what effect this mentorship programme will have on other business owners as well.

Why is this the end of the road? Because I won’t be producing any more ‘programme-based’ learning material after this, I will keep working and updating these products to ensure they stay current and relevant. Plus I’m starting an exciting, and somewhat risky new business venture, but I’ll tell you about that another time!

The Offer Of A Lifetime.

[This offer is now closed]

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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