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The First "Don't Work Get Wealthy" Concept I Actually Agree With

Michelle Dale - Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Last night I was browsing YouTube, as you do, and I came across a video from 2011 that jumped out at me for some reason - I had to sit there and watch the whole 38 minutes of it, listing to what this man had to say about the subject of wealth (it made a change from men in grey suits). The concept of the video was about creating wealth and I'd like to share some of the points from it that really resonated with me, and I hope they help you too... I have put the video in here for you if you want to watch, as some of his words were the inspiration behind this post.

First of all I quit work a decade ago, without any job or means, or knowing how I was going to make any money... I had no plan. So I have some experience in this matter too. Anyway, the guy in the video... (his name is Nithyananda but I don't want to keep writing that out...) despite the gold throne he's sitting on (nice touch N) and his choice of words in places - which I think are a matter of opinion, he does make several good points which make a lot of sense, which I've applied to looking back on my own life, and how one shift in particular he talks about was reflected in my own mindset, which involved stopping work, actually did change everything.

Wealth Can Be Created By The Life Energy You Express.

If you get up on a Monday morning with a sinking feeling that you have to go into work, to a place you generally don't want to be, sitting, or standing there for the next 8 hours of your life, and then repeating the process for the next 5 days until you get a 48 hour burst of relief, which really is only 24 hours because you spend Sunday dreading the events of the next morning - that's going to deplete your energy levels immensely - if your wealth is directly related to your life energy and your job is draining it, then wealth seems a long way off, to say the least.

Don't Blame Anybody For Your Lack Of Wealth, Except Yourself.

I would constantly think that it was my boss and my job making me unhappy, and feeling unfulfilled, but I did eventually come to realise and take full responsibility for my surroundings, and the life I had made for myself. Nobody forced me to take a particular job, or live in a specific place - those were my decisions, and I had the power to change them, at any time, and if I chose not to - or simply kept making excuses for all the reasons why I couldn't and shouldn't make a change, then I only had myself to blame.

If You Have At Least The Goal Of Creating Wealth, You Will Be Creative.

It's time to stop hating work, and the feeling that you're "just not a creative person," because we all are. If you have the mindset that you have to have a job (like it's a hardship) and that's how you get money, the job will be killing your energy and it'll never create wealth for you, because that's not creating... If you set yourself a goal of something other than making money you can place yourself in a situation where you can get the creative energy you need to move past that, and instead of "Making Money" you shift toward "Creating Wealth" - moving away from an existence that can only be considered as destructive, and into something very positive, a way forward that truly feels right. By creating / developing a "wealth consciousness" through living day-by-day engaging in creative pursuits, you will be ready to take responsibility for creating and sustaining your finances, over the long term.

Scraping By Isn't Cool.

I have come to realise that the more wealth I have, the more I can help other people, and the more I can help other people, the better I feel, and the better I feel, the more energy I have, and the more energy I have, the more I can create, the more I create the more wealthy I become - TA DAAAAA - that's how it works, it's a process. 

Some folk are too scared to create wealth, to follow their dreams, to increase their energy, then they try and justify it by saying wealth is bad, or greedy, but that just means their actions aren't focussed, it's hardly greedy if you then use that wealth as a means to help others. "If you're not creating wealth, all your work is happening in the wrong direction."

How I Moved On.

I've created wealth (yay, go me) and I continue to create wealth through the services I provide online. I have a really positive overall feeling of life energy and because I enjoy what I do, I'm fulfilled in my day-to-day existence. I really enjoy changing lives and hearing from people about the impact and positive influence I've had on them, that helps them create a change for themselves, to step outside the world they know and into a world of creative possibilities. I say this not to impress you, but to impress this upon you.

You Can Start Creating Wealth Now!

My latest contribution to this creative process are my new service courses - there are 3 courses in this series and the opportunity to sign up for them ends on the 31st of March when they'll close for beta testing, and because of this I'd like to mention them here so you have a chance at jumping on board!

Click Here - If you'd like to create wealth for yourself through providing Administrative services.

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Click Here - If you'd like to create wealth for yourself through providing Creative services.

So stop working now, declare to yourself that as of today you've quit your "job" - you've left the "workplace," you've stopped making money your goal and instead you'll immediately switch to having the intention from now on - not to work, but to create wealth instead. Essentially ditching work and embracing a creative pursuit you love doing everyday - how does this idea sound to you? 

Not having wealth is simply a wrong mental framework. Awaken the creativity within you! If you don't create success in your life, whatever success means to you, then you're working in the wrong direction...

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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