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The Virtual Plan For Getting Your Mojo Back – Yeah Baby!

Michelle Dale - Friday, September 16, 2011
It’s Friday, and I don’t recall anyone hating Fridays — it’s the weekend, most of us get to chill out and have a bit of down time, but what about when Monday comes around, are you still as enthusiastic as you were a couple of days ago? Sometimes you will get days where you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, you’re fed up or just plain ready to jack it in… Ohhhhh no no no, we can’t have that! So, I have created a ‘mojo’ plan, with a comprehensive list of virtual tools that are guaranteed to keep you motivated. Bookmark the post and come back to it when you are in need of a little nudge back onto the sunny side of the street.

Austin Powers!

Before you begin this journey to getting your mojo back, you have to get in the groove — to do this click play on the video above, and do the little mojo groove with me, I did it in my chair, you on the other hand can crank the volume up and dance around the room, who knows this may just do the trick on its own, but if it doesn’t, move on to the plan below ;)

The “Mojo” Plan

To be frank, when you’re feeling down, and you need to get back up again, there is only one thing for it — you need to pull yourself together and this post is ‘jam packed’ with the plan and tools to help set you on the right track. The plan is made up of 5 things:

#1 You Need Goals…

Get yourself some goals if you don’t have any already, and if you do, go back over them and make sure they are motivating enough. I wrote a post on setting “life” and “living” goals which you may find useful. If you’re still having trouble knowing where to begin with goal setting, here is a great article on “MindTools.com to get started!
Check out these tools that will help you stay on track with your goals in a quirky and interesting way :)

  1. Lifetick is web based software that brings together goal setting and achievement like you’ve never seen before through its intuitive and easy to understand process. Complete with reminders that you can set yourself and a journal that captures everything you do, it is the most stylish and functional product available.”
  2. Wishbomb is the fun, free goal setting site where friends help eachother to achieve their goals”
  3. “What if there were a simple system for tackling these concerns and organizing all your personal goals – home, career, weight loss, finances, time, relationships, personal development, and more? How much more energy, freedom, and peace of mind would you enjoy? Life & Goal Organizer is the solution you’ve been looking for.”
  4. “Welcome to Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping Online – a powerful system for goal setting success. Whatever your dreams, Goal Mapping will help you achieve them. Our FREE software makes goal setting simple and fun!”
  5. Our mission at LifeTango is to help you live a richer, fuller life–and to have more fun doing it! Studies have shown that people who write down the list of things they want to do are more likely to accomplish them. That’s the first benefit of LifeTango.com, we give you a place to make your Life List–the list of things you want to do in your life.”
  6. “The Online Bucket List LLC allows you to create a virtual ‘to do’ list of goals you want to achieve before you ‘kick the bucket’. The company was started on the belief that dreams can become reality, that achieving lifelong goals can happen at any age and there’s no time like the present to start. The site is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and easy to use application while bringing together individuals with similar goals and helping them to achieve their goals. Best of all… it’s FREE!”
  7. Online Bucket List. A BucketList is a list of things you MUST do before you kick the bucket!We live on this beautiful planet for a tiny dot of time. The chances of us actually being born are so minute as to be practically zero. Our life is a miracle. Imagine being able to say at the end of your life’s journey: “Wow, what a ride!” And what better way to have a fulfilling, adventurous life than by creating a bucket list, and taking the necessary steps to cross off each item on your list? You can also view your friends bucket lists or just browse any item that has been added and get more ideas.”
  8. The Bucket List Kit is a kit packed in a bucket. It contains an instructional manual on how to write and achieve your list, a note pad, a pencil and of course your very own blank Bucket List. It’s never to early or late to have a Bucket List. Writing one will help you take that first step in achieving amazing things!”

#2 Get On Top Of Personal Finances

One of the biggest distractions is having your personal finances in a mess, so sort those out now, and know where you’re at with money, even if it’s minus figures! It can be a weight off your mind and help you concentrate and become more focussed in your business to get on track with your earnings. These tools may help you with this bit:
  1. MoneyStrands is an award-winning, online Personal Finance Management (PFM) service designed to help people develop better financial habits. Our easy to use personal finance service automatically gathers data for financial accounts including savings, checking, loans and credit cards, providing users with an up-to-date, accurate, unified view of their finances. MoneyStrands goes beyond providing financial analysis tools, with personalized money-saving advice and recommendations. The application supports 44 currencies and is available in both English and Spanish.”
  2. “The best free way to manage your money. Mint brings all your financial accounts together online, automatically categorizes your transactions, lets you set budgets & helps you achieve your savings goals.”
  3. Buxfer automatically downloads and categorizes expenses from your checking, savings and credit card accounts. Get spending insights and monitor activity on all your accounts at a single place.”
  4. Wallet Balance is a free Home Finance programme to manage your finances. Enter your income and expenditure in a few short steps and receive easy to interpret reports. Improving your finances is in your hands!”
  5. GreenSherpa – Be one of the first to try the next generation in online personal financial management.”

#3 Plan A Trip Or Getaway

You need something to look forward to, and being a digital nomad myself I know how excited and energetic I can get over my next move! If you’re flagging, now is the time to start organising a trip away, so when you’re sitting at your desk, think of the trip. These tools will help you get your holiday planned, it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, how about camping? ;)

  1. “Go Mobile with MyCampMate. Invite Friends into Your Trip List. Create Unlimited Trips, Plan Trips, Stay Organized, Updated and Connected.”
  2. TripIt turns chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to: Organize trip details into one master online itinerary — even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites. Automatically include maps, directions and weather in their master itinerary. Have the option to book restaurants, theatre tickets, activities and more right from within the online itinerary. Safely access travel plans online, share them, check-in for flights, or print an itinerary”
  3. Packwhiz is a free service for travelers. No matter the destination, the trip always begins with a list of things you will need and a to-do list to take care of before you leave.”

#4 Now You Need Reminding!

Get a desktop wallpaper or motivational screensaver so you’re constantly reminded to hold it together!

#5 Finally You Need To Give

Call me superstitious, but I believe in Karma in a big way, and if you want your mojo back, your goals to become reality, your finances to improve, your trip to be fun, then you need to at least give a little, commit selfless, unconditional acts of kindness and gratitude, as often as you can, and karma will come knocking on your door… The more you give, the more I believe you will get in life — what goes around, comes around.
Look at what you give, what you do for others, it would be awesome if you could volunteer at the local animal shelter, but let’s face it, many of us are limited on the amount of time we have to commit to things outside of the business or our families, so think of ways you can do this online, in a virtual sense, from something as simple as re-tweeting someone else’s blog post to helping them sort out an issue on a forum that you know something about. There are lots of ways you can do something for someone else, without leaving your keyboard!

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