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Mac or Windows – 10 Solid Reasons Why It Should Always Be Apple Mac

Michelle Dale - Monday, September 26, 2011

For many years, throughout many jobs in offices and larger companies, I was subject to the technical difficulties associated with “IT” — computers not functioning, error messages, slow meticulous (ridiculous) computer maintenance, which I thought came with the territory of working with computers, regardless of what they were, until I discovered (Apple).

For those of you who have converted to Apple from Microsoft you will already know what I mean, they are simply worlds apart. Apple is like a Ferrari, while Microsoft it like a Skoda, the Mac operating system is smoother than the girl eating a Flake on the Cadburys Flake advert, it’s really smooth, the Windows operating system is like my 2 year old eating an ice cream, it’s really messy…

So if you’re thinking of upgrading your computer, don’t fudge about anymore with MS Windows, go straight to Apple Mac, pass go and collect £200 pounds because you’ll instantly get that back in the time you’re going to save not having to mess around on Windows trying to make it to work, over and over and over again…

The 10 Reasons Why I Will Never Go Back…

So by now you may have noticed I’m not a fan of MS Windows, because since I stopped using it, I’m no longer going grey, and I wish I had invested in Apple sooner, here’s why…

Now that's just plain nasty...

#1, No Error Messages.

I have been using Apple for several years and never had an error message or automatic shutdown, the computer has never locked up on me or given me any bad noises, blue screen dumps, or that horrible black screen with the message “your computer shutdown for a random unknown reason, would you like to report this”. To be Frank, if you get an error message or something goes wrong with your Apple, there has to be one hell of a good reason for it.

#2, It Syncs.

I love the fact that I can sync my Mac products all together, and the syncing works perfectly, so my iMac, iPhone, iPad, iShuffle, iPod etc…. Can all, be managed seamlessly from one central location.

#3, Glorious Apps!

Apps are awesome, especially since they expanded Apps onto Macs as well as iPhone and iPad. I find that the productivity Apps make a huge difference to the way I work, and don’t know how I would have done without them, usually if I have any productivity or organisation issue I can go into the App store and find something to resolve it, or make my life easier.

#4, Stunning Interface.

Mac knows how to make good looking stuff, and the Mac operating system interface, and overall look and feel of everything they produce is putting it simply… (Beautiful). It makes working a real pleasure, it feels very high-end, because it really is. Working online we spend a lot of time on the computer, why not work in a bit of luxury?

#5, First Class Functionality.

Apple has put a lot of thought into how their computers and systems function. They are very user friendly and easy to grasp, so making the transition, while it will take a bit of getting used to, is well worth it. The functionality of an Apple is far superior to MS Windows, not to mention the speed in which you can work, it’s seems much faster and much more efficient across the board.

#6, Value For Money.

For what you get in Apple, it’s well worth paying that little bit extra, you don’t have to deal with any hassle, everything just works, and continues to work exceptionally well. The customer service is great and the money I have spent on my Macs I know is a real, long term, wise investment into my business — as opposed to feeling like I was throwing money down the drain buying another different make of computer. Seriously, for me, nothing comes close to a Mac.

#7. Work It Baby!

I work my computers very, very hard, and many times my Windows computers have died a tragic death on me, fans whirring frantically making a horrible ‘I am going to blow up any second’ kind of noise. I need to have multiple tabs, windows and programmes open at once, Mac takes everything in its stride — no noise, no breakdowns, no signs of stress, it’s a very powerful piece of equipment.

#8, Digital Nomad Compact.

The really brilliant thing about the Apple products is they go for minimalist, compact and lightweight. For example, for a main computer, normally you would need a base box, a monitor and a pile of cables/wires, but the iMac has the computer built into the monitor, so your computer comes in 4 parts, the monitor (which is also the actual computer), the mouse, keyboard and the plug. The wireless keyboard is very compact, and the brilliant mighty mouse means no more annoying rollerballs! Everything is sensed by touch. They really know what they’re doing…

#9, Detailed Display.

The difference between looking at a Mac monitor in comparison to other makes is a (night and day) difference. A Mac display is cleaner, crisper, and sharper. You can see enormous amounts of detail, it’s bright and beautiful. It can change the entire look and feel of what you’re working on, and it really, really does make a massive difference.

#10, Windows Friendly.

One of the big reasons why VA’s don’t convert is because they are concerned about leaving the Windows operating system behind, and alienating clients by not being able to use MS Office. Whilst MS Office is available on Mac, it’s not exactly the same, and you can see differences in the document display sometimes. But there is a solution, you can purchase a product called Parallels and you’re then able to run a Windows operating system on your Mac simultaneously (only when you absolutely have to), including all the MS software.

So there you have it! 10 reasons why I use Mac, and why I would never consider buying an MS Windows computer ever again…

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