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Could Lack Of Focus Be Sabotaging Your Business Goals?

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last week I took a good hard look at my entire business – everything I was creating, and making, my clients, my services, my websites and I realised something which I tend to forget in amongst the daily routine of life and work, I realised that I could be doing better. The fact is, no matter what stage we are in our business, whether it’s a brand new start up, or you’ve crested that all important first year, or you’ve been doing this for 5, 10, 20 or more years, the fact is that the business can always be doing better, if you really want it to of course.

What I noticed I was doing is constantly creating and growing with new ideas and projects, my ideas can sometimes be like a freight train, and I have one of those “do’er” personalities, I’m like an animal when it comes to work, I thrive on it, so I am constantly thinking of the next thing I can, well, ‘do’. But what I was also ‘doing’ is still trying to stick to my old schedules, and tagging things onto them. I lacked the kind of focus in my schedule that comes with a growing business, and whilst I was doing great with my new goals for the newer projects I was working on, my old goals were hanging on by a thread, so this week I have blocked out some time so I can revisit all of my goals and my projects and shift focus, so everything can be managed without compromise.

Are You Spread Too Thin?

Sometimes in business a lack of focus can sabotage your end goal, because while you’re doing everything you can, if you’re spread too thin, you have too many things cooking on the stove, and if you can’t give yourself the time to concentrate on one project and one project only, you’ll dramatically slow down your progress. Worst case scenario, you’ll be working what seems like SO hard, and getting nowhere – ouch. At this stage it’s probably more productive to just go and pour yourself a Mojito and put your feet up, in both instances, nothing really gets done to contribute to your end goal and the big picture. Even the most skilled multi-taskers need to maintain focus on the important goals.

I realised I was flitting from client work, to my membership site, to my business programme, then back to client work, then doing consultations, and mentorship calls sometimes all in the same day. But what I am now going to do is break my time down into more dedicated, uninterrupted slots of time, where I focus on just a couple of areas of my business in a day in order to check my goals, stay accountable for them and to make sure I stay on track. If you don’t have any accountability, and are constantly thinking you’re too busy to revisit your goals, to see if you’re on track, then the way I see it, you’re too busy to reach those goals too.

Focus Afternoons.

So, in order to pick up the pace of my business, I am going to create “Focus Afternoons” where I’ll do all my essential items that must be attended to on a daily basis, and get those out the way in the morning and then break my afternoons down into focus afternoons, like “This afternoon I’m going to focus on getting a new client” and spend the afternoon on client generation, or “This afternoon I’m going to focus on creating my eBook” and then devote an afternoon to planning and creating an eBook. These are just examples, your focus will need to be tailored to your business, your direct needs, and the time you have available in your schedule.

These afternoons are really going to be key in making sure I stay on track and accountable for all my goals.

Make sure that you are working towards something specific, and stick to it, and prioritise!

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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