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The Juicing Experiment - September 2012, 30 Days

Michelle Dale - Monday, September 03, 2012

Hi, my name is Michelle, I am the CEO of VMF Ltd (VirtualMissFriday.com) an online business consulting and virtual assistant services company.

On 3rd September 2012 I started a juice diet/fast/plan. I’m not a health and fitness person, far from it, really I’m a 31 year old 'meat and potatoes' nomadic business woman travelling the world with her husband and two kids who has decided to get down to 73 kilos to feel better, to look sexier and so I don’t die prematurely.

(Also because my husband has had a beard since the day I met him and he promises to shave it off when I hit 73 kilos so I can see his actual whole face for the first time.)

I'm documenting my experiences here, you're welcome to join me ;)

Dear Diary...

I generally blog about Online Business, Travel, Virtual Assistants and Digital Nomads, and this kind of thing may not interest my audience on this blog, this is a side gig for those people who are interested and do want to follow my juice experiment journey, this is why my journey is being documented in a single post. I have had emails from some of my readers interested in this experiment - so here I am.

I am now on Day 8. I’ll post about today in a moment, for now, here’s day 1 to 7. I’m doing this from memory so forgive me if it’s not too detailed.

Day 1 :: And So It Begins... 

I am 93.5 Kilos, I was 96 then I lost some at the gym. I am not impressed with myself I needed to make a change and I needed it now, so since watching http://fatsickandnearlydead.com/ I decided to start a juice diet/fast/plan whatever.

I bought a juicer from a shop in Rethymno, Crete. It was supposed to be 47.50 euro, but there was only the display model left, so I asked for a discount and got it for 40 euro (enter smug look). I then purchased a whole range of random fruits and vegetables.

The first day was rough, I wasn’t all that hungry but I had headaches and generally felt sorry for myself.

Day 2 :: Licked A Cheese Triangle

Got on the scales first thing and was 1.3 kilos down, felt motivated even though I know it was only water weight, I didn’t care. Still had headaches today, and licked a piece of a cheese triangle for the taste of it… I am craving food.

Drank mostly fruit juices today.

Day 3 :: Headaches Easing Up (A Bit)

Got on the scales, dropped again, another day of headaches but not as bad. Went to the gym.

Still craving food, started drinking Green Tea for something hot.

Day 4 :: No Headaches

Got on the scales, dropped again, no headaches today which was nice. Went to the gym.

Still craving hot food, decided to continue drinking Green Tea.

Day 5 :: Curse You Barbecue...

Got on the scales, dropped again, now I am at 90.1 Kilos, feeling okay, went to the gym. But then we went to a barbecue party in the evening and I ate about 3 sausages some chicken and pork… Not proud of myself, getting back on the wagon again tomorrow.

Day 6 :: Yeah I Expected This

Got on the scales gained weight, now 90.3, which sucks but I accept full responsibility. Was extra good today.

Day 7 :: Ginger OD

Back to normal, got on the scales, dropped again, now 89.5 Kilos. Overdid the Ginger in my green juice and found it a little overpowering, but had an amazing Honeydew Melon, Pineapple and Mint one - it tasted amazing, all that was missing was the shot of Bacardi…

So that’s where I’m at. I’ll try and keep you posted most weekdays as best I can.

Day 8 :: The Snail Incident

Got on the scales this morning to be told that the battery had died, so I drank my juice (nectarine, and peach it was really creamy tasting) and on the way to the gym this morning I bought a new battery for the scales. Went to the gym, came home weighed and no change.

Hmmmm still 89.5 kilos.

I did eat a snail at the neighbours house yesterday when I happened to be over there while they were having dinner (from a big pot of snails), I have never eaten them before, I can’t say that I liked it very much, but it was actual food, about the size of a peanut so I didn’t think it would do much, but I’ll consider myself told off by the scales for the snail incident.

I am going to switch to fruit juice in the morning and then vegetable juice in the afternoon and evening, it may help. I really chugged on the pineapple, melon and mint one yesterday which likely didn’t help. (although I held off adding the Bacardi to it)

Today I have Kale, Ginger, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, and Cucumber, sounds revolting, looks revolting, but it’s not that bad.

In all honesty, I'm constantly thinking about cooking and food. But it’s bearable.

See you tomorrow.

Day 9 :: Total Loss 4.4 Kilos (just over 9 lbs)

Last night was tough, I stayed up quite late and at around 11.30pm that’s when I start thinking I’d slip off the wagon, but I didn’t, (although I did lick the lid of the Philadelphia tub after my husband had finished the contents) - generally the thought of seeing the scales in the morning keeps me going.

So, today I’m down to 89.1 kilos (a loss of just 0.8 of a pound since yesterday, total loss of 4.4 kilos, 9.7 lbs) I was really hoping to crest the 88 mark, but I’ll take whatever I can get. I’m actually feeling okay today, I went to the gym this morning, did about 40 minutes, I’m still alive, all good.

Still can’t stop thinking about food, although it’s getting easier. I am drinking the same juice today that I had yesterday.

Feeling quite proud of myself to have made it this far, I intend to keep juicing until the end of the month then replacing 2 meals a day with juice and introducing some lean meat and cooked vegetables.

My biggest craving by far is meat, and the feeling of eating a hot meal…

Day 10 :: My First Ever Fantasy About Ketchup

So…. Results for Day 10 weigh in after 9 complete days of juicing.

Weight Now 89 kilos

Total Lost Since Yesterday 0.1 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 4.5 Kilos

Not that great considering I'm living on the juice of fruits and vegetables, but it’s better than no loss. I have also been feeling really good, (yeah really, despite the cravings, everyday I just feel better and better internally) and have a fair amount of energy, so I think maybe I was pushing it a bit hard at the gym these last couple of days because my muscles ache a little, and I could be retaining water. I am taking a break from the gym today.

Ketchup Fantasy

So, I have been having these food cravings since I started, not through hunger, but a craving for something, (usually something savoury), like when you’re pregnant, well yesterday evening I was with my kids while they ate their dinner, and my son in particular has a liking for Tomato Ketchup and I was staring at his plate having a daydream/fantasy about sticking my finger in his ketchup and licking it off… That’s just so wrong isn’t it…. :-/

I didn’t do it, but I wanted to…. I’m not even a big fan of ketchup. Now I’m considering what other sauces I could lick but not have to eat just for the taste. Psychologically for me, licking is not eating, I really need to get over that I think.

Juices Today

Today for brekky I had pineapple, melon, and mint juice, (very nice), lunch and dinner is lettuce, carrot, ginger and apple, (sort of edible).

See you tomorrow.

Day 11 :: Finally Some More Headway!

Okay, yesterday I was a little disappointed at my 0.1 kilo loss, I have been waiting for a few days to make it into the 88 kilo mark and finally I am here!

So…. Results for Day 11 weigh in after 10 complete days of juicing.

Weight Now 88.6 kilos

Total Lost Since Yesterday 0.4 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 4.9 Kilos

Nearly 5 kilos (around 11 lbs) in 10 days, not bad!

So I was making home made burgers for the fam last night and they smelt so good while I was making them. I must admit that I prefer to taste things I cook, before I dish it out, so I had a bite of homemade oregano and garlic burger with melted mozarella cheese on it, just one little itty bitty bite, and it tasted amazing, but I stopped myself there and let my family tuck in - Yes I cheated, but I was also really proud of myself to have one bite and leave it at that, after no solid food for 10 days I think I have quite a lot of self control.

Other than that, I feel really good, pleased to make some headway today, energy levels are up and I’m going to keep on truckin’.

Today’s Juices

1. Pineapple, apple, melon and mint for brekky.

2. Beetroot, carrot, lemon for lunch and dinner (surprisingly the beetroot one is really nice, but wear an apron while juicing to avoid stains!)

See you tomorrow!

Day 12 :: Could Exercise Be Slowing Weight Loss?

Hi folks, it’s Day 12, so far so good, was a happy bunny this morning when I got on the scales, let’s take a look at the figs.

Weight Now 88.1 kilos

Total Lost Since Yesterday 0.5 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 5.4 Kilos

Hell yeah, happy with that. These last 2 days I have seen the best weight loss for a while, and really the only thing done differently is no exercise… You see when you exercise and push yourself a little too hard, your muscles can retain some water, water leads to weight.

When I stopped exercising these last 2 days for a bit of recoup, I had a much more rapid weight loss, of almost a kilo. I love going to the gym, but right now, I love seeing the numbers on the scales drop more… So I am conflicted. Let’s see how it goes.

Have an awesome weekend!

Day 13, 14 & 15 - The Fat Free Frozen Yoghurt and French Fries Incident

Hiya. So today it’s Day 15 of the juice fast/diet/plan, I had a blip this weekend and went out Friday night with my husband, which was a rare treat, and I ate a few french fries and a fat free frozen yogurt - shock horror. I remained good the rest of the weekend though and have got back on track. Let’s look at the figures.

Weight Now 87.8 kilos

Total Lost Since Friday 0.3 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 5.7 Kilos

So I went up and down over the weekend, I was at 88.1 on Friday morning, Saturday morning I was 88.3, then Sunday morning back down to 88.0 and today 87.8.

I felt terrible on Saturday, I think I had a french fries hangover, you really should ease yourself into eating on a juice fast with things like vegetables and soup, so I suffered the next day with a food hangover, but felt great again after a few juices.

Now everything is fine and I’m back on track. 12.5 lbs down in 2 weeks, still have a long way to go, but it’s getting much easier, my clothes are feeling more loose and people are starting to notice :-)

Day 16 :: Nothing To See Here Folks, Move Along…

Okay, so today is day 15, and the results are identical to yesterday, even though I was super-good yesterday.

Weight Now 87.8 kilos

Total Lost Since Yesterday 0.0 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 5.7 Kilos

Men who are reading this, you may want to close your ears, divert your eyes elsewhere, because I’m putting this down to the fact that I drank loads of water before going to bed last night, AND I’m on my “Ladies Time” so I have a good excuse.

Hoping tomorrow will bring about a more positive change on the scale…

Until then!

Day 17 :: Lost My First Stone!

I am very pleased to say that yesterdays disappointment was a passing moment, and today I weighed and I have lost a hair under a stone in total - hooray!

Weight Now 87.2 Kilos

Total Loss Since Yesterday 0.5

Total Loss Since Starting 6.3

Went to the gym this morning, and feeling a little sore, but felt like I needed to do a work out. I am SO happy to have had this boost, I really needed it, and I am feeling positive about the next 2 weeks, onwards and upwards! Feeling great.

Day :: 18 Feeling Sore

So I took it really easy at the gym yesterday (or so I thought) and today the muscles in my arms feel really sore, so I need to learn how to control my exercise while I am on this Juice thing. Needless to say, I think the water my muscles are holding has kept my weight roughly the same as yesterday…

Weight Now 87.3 Kilos

Total Loss Since Yesterday -0.1

Total Loss Since Starting 6.2 Kilos.

I’m staying off the gym today, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Day :: 19 Another Loss! And I’m Feelin’ Good

So today is day 19, I have been juicing for 18 days in total. Today I had another loss! Hooray :)

Weight Now 86.9 Kilos

Total Loss Since Yesterday 0.4 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 6.6 Kilos

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, but my arms are feeling much better today after the weight training, but I did drink more green tea. Going to have another day on the green tea and see if that is what is making a difference, because I think my metabolism has slowed way down, so maybe some light walking and more green tea will give it a boost :)

Day 20, 21, 22 :: The First Clothes Test!

So the weekends are my weakness on this thing, and I have to admit Saturday I was socialising and went out, I ate about half a dozen chips, a couple of spoons of rice, a cheese triangle (a whole one) and I had a couple of beers, I was half expecting to be at a standstill, but I’ve still lost something!

Weight Now 86.3 Kilos

Total Loss Since Friday 0.6 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 7.2 Kilos

I’m fine with that considering I cheated. I’ve been extra good today. I actually got down to 86.1 on Sunday, but the beer decided to hang around I think :)

The Clothes Test TRIUMPH!

I can fit into a pair if jeans that I could not get past my knees in April, it’s been a great motivator to continue on this journey.

Day 23 :: I Need To Stop Cheating

It’s day 23 and I have to admit I’m starting to get really fed up of green juice, but I know it’s what’s keeping the scales going down - and this is the beauty of this diet. Even if you don’t feel like sticking to it, you do, because the weight loss compared to other diets is so rapid, and you can't wait to jump on the scales each day. I cheated yesterday too, and had another 2 spoons of rice…

Here are today’s figures.

Weight Now 86.1

Total Loss Since Yesterday 0.2

Total Loss Since Starting 7.4

I am drinking more green tea to try and speed up my metabolism which I think is still really slow… Plus I need to stop cheating…

Day 24 :: The Rundown So Far

I will jump straight into the figures and give you a rundown of what I have been doing so far…

Weight Now 85.9 Kilos

Total Loss Since Yesterday 0.2 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 7.6 Kilos

Not bad… Could be better but then again, you’ll see from the previous few days I have cheated a bit.

So this is basically my routine.

First thing in the morning I’ll boil the kettle and have hot water with a couple of slices of lemon in it.

I then have a large juice for breakfast made up of fruits.

I then drink green tea and water (although not enough water I need to increase that) throughout the day.

I have a Vegetable or Green juice for lunch.

I have a Vegetable or Green juice for dinner.

I basically have green tea in between.

I will do light exercise every couple of days for around 30-40 minutes.

As long as I don’t cheat I maintain a steady weight loss every day. Which is cool.

How Do I Feel?

I feel really good! My skin is better - clearer, more vibrant, I'm able to fit into clothes that I haven't been able to wear for months, and I'm finding this whole process quite interesting. I do crave the taste of certain foods, particularly salt, but other than that, everything is great :-)

Day 25 :: Ran Out Of Juice, Reached For An Avocado

Day 25 and another small but very welcome loss!

Weight Now 85.7 Kilos

Total Loss Since Yesterday 0.2 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 7.8 Kilos

So I'm not overjoyed by the loss yesterday but I ate an avocado because I ran out of veggies to juice until this morning. So I’ll blame it on that!

Day 26 :: The Hamburger

Okay guys… I did a mega cheat today because my son has been 2 weeks in his first school, and we promised we would take him for a burger if he had great feedback from the teacher and he had GREAT feedback, so I wanted to take him out for a burger, and we did, as a family and I had a burger - I participated in burger eating… That’s all I have to say about that.

Weight Now 85.5 Kilos

Total Loss Since Yesterday 0.2 Kilos

Total Loss Since Starting 8 KILOS!!!!

Day 27, 28, 29 :: I Am Eating Again (Moderately)

Hi Folks,

I said I was going to do this all juice diet for 30 days and I pretty much did, I decided I was going to start eating again over the weekend, and I did, replacing 2 meals with juice and eating normal food once a day and I am actually quite pleased. I was expecting to gain around 5-7lbs but I have only so far gained a small amount (0.4 kilos) which we could put down to having actual food in my system again.

Weight Now 85.9 Kilos

I have family coming to stay with me in October here in Crete, Greece and I'm going to say goodbye for now and pick this up again when they have gone back to the UK. Okay so I may check in occasionally on my weight, but I'm a firm believer that my weight should not takeover my life and I intend to have a good time!

So I’ll see you guys with an official weigh in during the last week of October 2012, and then I’ll be on the home stretch of getting down to 73 Kilos.

I will get there, I just lost 8 in under 30 days, I have around 12 to go, and I know exactly how to do it. I’m aiming for Christmas to be where I want to be physically - so watch this space, I’ll be back!

Day 30 :: Grand Totals

30 Days Ago I weighed :: 93.5 Kilos
Today I Weigh :: 85.9 Kilos

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