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Action Taking Virtual Assistants Share Their Inspiring Stories

Michelle Dale - Thursday, August 13, 2015

So we're about halfway into the month and I'm cooking up a virtual storm for my new product courses. I wanted to go the extra mile this time around so last week I held a giveaway, it was to really give credit where it's due to the people who've taken my Roadmap programmes and courses and applied it to their business, so we asked our members "what's the biggest success you've had from the Roadmap" and as I suspected, positive action really has equalled results.

We found the stories so inspiring (seriously warm fuzzies on some of them) that I thought it would be nice to share some highlights with you here, so you can see for yourself, that if you take action today, you could be in whole different place 3, 6, 9 months, a year from now!

Really everyone who submitted their successes should have won, but there were only 3 spaces for winners. Let me introduce you:

April Sullivan 

April's business is at entreleverage.com and she's taken all of my Roadmap programmes and courses and was the most voted for story. Her story shows overcoming the fear of investing in herself and her business, and progressing to an impressive 6-figures. I think a lot of people can relate to April's story, she's an amazing business woman and someone the VA industry should be truly proud of. This is her story...

"I believe my business wouldn't be where it is right now if it weren't for Michelle's courses. I had been an avid reader of her blog for a while, implementing everything that I could until I decided to take a huge leap for myself and take the VA Apprentice Program.

I had never invested so heavily in my business before that, and I was terrified to do it, but once I started implementing everything the Michelle taught, my business was never the same again. I immediately started taking on new clients who were at a different level than my previous clients. They were more serious and looking for long-term partnerships. My income started increasing, slowly at first, but after a few months I had taken in enough new business to pay for the course itself.

After that, I was hooked! I have taken every course that Michelle offers, and when I implement what she teaches, I get results. I can't say enough about her and her programs, and they are different from everything else out there. I am now able to call myself a 6-figure business owner, and I don't think I would have made it here as quickly without the guidance of The VA Apprentice and Michelle's other courses."

Nikki Swindle

Nikki's business is at virtuallyangels.com and her story is one that will inspire you on how quickly a start-up VA business can be turned around from embracing the right kind of training and then taking massive action on it. The Roadmap was her ticket to an 'avalanche' of clients, at lightening speed, and I couldn't be more thrilled for her! This is her story...

"It sounds cheesy but Michelle's courses have changed my life completely. Before stumbling upon her site I was struggling to turn a business idea into a reality. I desperately wanted an online business but just couldn't seem to get there. I'd been sat with a business name and no clients for a year (yep a whole 12 months!). I'd dabbled in reading some blogs and paid for a few courses that were a total disappointment when I actually got the material. 

None of the courses actually addressed how to best manage the whole operation - the part that nearly everyone struggles with! I took the VA Shoestring first and it was pure gold. There's is nothing but highly actionable content in this course that helps you lay good foundations upon which to build a business.

After getting my first client very quickly after the courses others came in like an avalanche. After struggling for 12 months to even get started all of a sudden my business was catching momentum faster than I could believe.

Shortly after I took Michelle's VA Administrator, Marketer and Creator course which were an in depth course on how to provide top class packaged services within your business.

My entire business setup changed from being unpredictable and sometimes a little stressful to giving me monthly paying clients (therefore a slightly more predictable revenue) and a more systemised, less stressful workflow

I can honestly say that without taking Michelle's courses I wouldn't have what I do today - an online business that I can run from anywhere.

Shun Jackson

Shun from shunjack.com is an inspiration for every mother out there, (and I know there are a lot of us aspiring to be successful VAs, not just for professional satisfaction, but also parental). Shun is building a virtual assistant business, while working a job, being a mum of three and exploring and engaging in other entrepreneurial projects and business ventures. She's diverse and has worked with the information in the Roadmap and other training I've done to put herself on the path to not only starting up a virtual assistant business, but also spreading her entrepreneurial wings beyond this and stretching the learning material to its full potential. I hope she inspires you to think big too! These are the highlights of her story...

"Through all of these courses, I’ve become a powerhouse of knowledge and have been better able to educate my own customers and help them understand the decisions they need to make to move their businesses further. Since taking Michelle’s programs, I’ve been asked to be a mentor by various up and new coming entrepreneurs. I’ve also been invited to do podcast interviews. My following is consistently growing. Overall, I can say with absolute confidence that Michelle is THE go-to leader in the VA world. I haven’t seen anyone match her level of knowledge, thought, and consideration in how she puts her programs together. She is highly structured and has set the bar for how I want to structure my programs and systems throughout my business.

Michelle went above and beyond by creating a program that I would beta test called the VA ShoestringThis course landed me my very FIRST and SECOND client in the following month that I took the program. I made close $600 within 60 days of taking her course. This may not seem like a lot for some, but for me, as a new online entrepreneur, it was just the momentum I needed to really get the ball running! I thirsted for MORE. After a few months passed, I decided it was time for me to go for Michelle’s VA Apprentice program. This program further blew my mind! The VA Shoestring really helped me push along in the Apprentice program even better because it was like an introduction to an up-level course in the Apprentice program. I took the Business Builder and I learned so much from Michelle and her team on how to interact with clients in the project space as well as how to delegate tasks. So, even after you’ve learned the content in the VA Apprentice program, you further learn just by working with Michelle! She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff! She makes sure to educate her customers on their options. She’s not pushy and is one of the MOST ethical and professional business owners I’ve ever come across online. I am forever a fan! Michelle has made me realize how VAs, especially those that operate as like her, are actually some of the BEST if not the BEST folks to go to for advice in all aspects of your business. She is the ultimate VA who can tell you how to operate, what systems need to be used, how you need to hire, what products/services to offer, how to offer these products/services, and just overall provide massive amounts of value. 

I was really stuck on the development of my signature theme program and decided to take the Fast Track workshop to help provide clarity! Well….let me tell you….this workshop really was a game changer for me. Through this workshop, I finally came up with the outline for my program. I had been trying to figure this out for over 5 months and this 7-day workshop really broke down a lot of mindset blocks that I didn’t even realize I had. Everything Michelle does, she does with TOP NOTCH production. Through Michelle, I learned about using visual project boards to know where I am and what steps I need to take next to get closer to my goals. I can’t say enough how much this workshop changed the momentum in my business and helped me jump leaps and bounds forward.

There is so much more I could say about Michelle and how her programs have changed my life, but that would take up several pages! Thank you Michelle because of you, I am a powerhouse of knowledge and skill sets that I can only pass on to my customers by providing amazing value."


So now you've been inspired by our top 3 stories, I really wanted to share some more successes the amazing VAs I've taught have had to show you that YOU CAN do this too if you want it badly enough, and you aren't alone. I wish I could publish them all, but this would be the longest blog post in the world ever if I did! So all that's left to say is look at the possibilities, don't sit on the fence, take action and see where it could take you...

"Mind Mapping: Learning this ONE tool rocked my world!  I am able to see the big picture, know what order things need to be accomplished in and I no longer have migraine headaches." - Amy Farris

"I was amazed by how quickly I was able to get my business up and running by following the steps that Michelle suggested in the training. When I did have questions I was amazed when Michelle herself would answer them and how helpful and open she was. The training helped me to feel confident that I knew what I was doing and that I was capable to start and run my own successful business! It has been a year since I have started Michelle's training and my income has grown by 4 times what it was after my first couple of months in business. I consistently go back to the training videos to research and refine my business practices. The biggest success I received from Michelle's training and support was the know how and confidence to dive in and not only start my business but also continue to grow it! - Bryanna Royal

"I think the biggest success is the complete transformation in my personal belief and ability to take my business seriously. This has resulted in my income tripling which has enabled me to create a very flexible business, that I love, spend as much time as I like with my daughter and take on employees. I can't thank Michelle and the team at VMF enough for their passion, commitment and dedication." - Kelly McDonnell 

"Michelle’s Shoestring programme was exactly what I was looking for. It took away the guesswork for me and gave me direction. This was essential for me as I had to know that the hard work I was putting in would eventually lead somewhere. It also gave me the confidence to persevere when the going got tough (this wasn't always easy being a new mum at the same time…). Naturally, I went back for more and the Administrator course was just as enlightening. I can’t recommend her courses highly enough - Michelle knows her stuff and delivers her material clearly, precisely and with great enthusiasm. Every day I see a return on my investment, both financially and personally. I am now doing a job that I love which I put in no small part down to Michelle" - Cecile Jemmet

"It's hard to define a particular success as it can be everything from conducting a successful client consultation where previously I had been floundering to learning to trust in my own abilities and gut instinct. I've also learnt a huge array of online systems, new ways to project manage, how to market effectively and how to approach things with a different mindset! Importantly, I have also learnt that my dreams and aspirations are achievable, reasonable and not as way out there as others may have you believe! I look forward to continuing to learn from Michelle, on many subjects, and am grateful to have her as my mentor." - Sarah Watson

"The VA Creator definitely changed my entire business!!! Absolutely everything! All of the sudden I was able to build websites, really amazing websites; even online businesses. Now, with all that I've learned, I'm creating my own virtual conscious platform called 'Soulvalley' and I feel this is my Souls mission" - Yfke Laanstra

I wish I could publish more, but right now, I'd like to give you the opportunity to write your own success story...


3 new courses are coming out - the Examiner (for product creation services in the digital download arena), Entertainer (for product creation services in the multimedia arena) and Educator (for product creation services in the membership arena) and this month we have them available on a beta prelaunch at 50% OFF, never to be repeated again, so now it the time to grab these babies and start writing your own success story, about a VA with a vision who got off the fence, made an investment into themselves and their business and started offering structured, quality, product creation services to clients ;-)

See you on the inside!

"Don't sit on the fence, take action and see where it could take you..." @Miss_Friday - @Miss_Friday Click To Tweet

If you have a story to share, leave a comment below (feel free to link to your site) and help inspire other VAs!

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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