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Everyone Has Haters, Even Those Who Really Don’t Deserve Them

Michelle Dale - Friday, June 08, 2012

This post comes with a warning – it’s a rant (more like a public vent, but if you read my blog you’ll know most of the time I come in peace) about the sad little souls who hate. I know my regular readers don’t come here for rants, it’s not me, I never generally do negative posts, and this is the last time you’ll hear from me on this subject (well, that’s my intention) – but it’s got to be done this week, why? I don’t know, just because… Here goes!

It hit home to me this week that the more your circle increases in number (the more successful or popular or liked you become) the more likely it is that you’ll get ‘the haters’ cropping up and becoming more visible… To anyone who is ambitious and on the path to your own personal success, you’ll be glad you read this post. I wish someone had told me, I was very Naive, and at least I could have prepared myself for what was to come.

What Hit Home.

I was reading an article from one of my favourite bloggers Christine Gilbert, like me, she is a digital nomad and travels with her family, she is currently in Beirut I believe. Having lived myself in the middle east, and also being in Crete right now, it’s almost like it’s naturally drawing me back there, I know that despite what you see on the TV the reality of actually living there can be quite different. Anyway, this post was about her new pad in Beirut, and when I went to leave a comment – they were closed. So after investigating I saw the text below on her blog. This is not all of it, there were other reasons, but this is the bit that really hit home…

“I want to be able to write about Arab life without random people “educating me” on why the Middle East is deadly or evil. You have no idea how much this reduces the fly-by “I hate your blog!” spam that is part of writing about travel with a small child in a dangerous country with very little context as to why I think this is safe and okay. I don’t want to have to keep justifying that, because I think my loyal readers get it. I want to write for you guys, not for the randoms that storm in and never return.”

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this amazing woman (and her family) would ever get people being negative or nasty towards her… she is so incredibly brave, and intelligent and honest! I am so fed up of the ‘haters’ culture online, you know, the people who think they are ‘telling it to you straight’ when it fact all they are doing is telling it from their perspective, like the rest of us are, but the difference is they are completely disregarding and disrespecting everyone else’s perspective along with it, that’s not telling it straight, that’s just being prejudiced -  especially when people like Christine (and me) are simply trying to hand over our experiences and what we learn and know… There is no right and wrong, there is only different solutions for different people, and they’ll work for some and not for others, but why would anyone try and shoot down the person, who is giving their time (for free) to help educate people on their life experience…

To The Victims,

If you ever find yourself being stabbed in the back, put down, being told your ideas or experiences are wrong or being judged for who you are and how you are running your business or living your life, I say to hell with them… (I edited out the swear words) And if those silly people don’t like what you have to say, why the hell do they keep coming back for more? – They should do everyone a favour and go back to the hole from whence they came.

It wasn’t just Christine’s experience on her own blog that prompted this rant, I had an experience of my own this week with an old blog post “How The Sky Could Be Impacting Your Business This Week” – a very sad and unfortunate man left a comment for me “You’ve just scuttled your credibility with me as an authority on virtual assistance. Or anything, frankly.” This was because I openly admitted I read my horoscope…. yee gads… Like a random hobby/interest completely unrelated to my business could somehow mean I no longer have credibility or authority in the industry I have lived, eaten and breathed for the last 7 years, and not to mention, been fairly successful at.


So there you have it folks, some people don’t like me either, and whilst they are entitled to their opinion, and I embrace constructive criticism, that is basically “Sticks and Stones” stuff that doesn’t get anyone, anywhere… If you are a hater, do it over on your own blog, where the nice folk on my blog don’t have to waste their precious time with it.

Being a hater is bad enough, doing it in public is hurtful – Why in a month of Sundays would you want to hurt someone who has clearly, successfully and for the most part selflessly helped many other people and has never done anything to you? If you’re a hater please leave a comment below and answer this question, because I have no rational explanation for it. Maybe you’re angry with life; if so you really should get some help for that.

So for my grand finale, I encourage all of you to follow your dream, become successful and “crush it” in your business – this, from experience inevitably means you’ll get haters too, even if you don’t deserve them… Bookmark this post and come back to it when you find yourself subject to a hater to make sure you don’t let the B***tards get you down.

The Haters Board.

Check this Pinterest board out when you’re feeling the effects of a hater.

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