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Hanging Out In The Himalayas

Michelle Dale - Sunday, June 26, 2016

Namaste! Welcome to the second instalment of our trip to India. We packed our bags and got in the car for over 9 hours heading to the Himalayas! It was a festival day so took about 2 hours longer than normal to get clear of the Delhi area. We had an awesome driver (Mohan, below in the image of us with our second mode of transport, the elephant) who never seemed to leave our side, I mean literally he stayed with us the whole week in the car parks, being available if we needed a car for anything - whenever, I'm pretty confident he slept in it...

I wanted to sum up our time there, so I made you guys a quick video ;-)

Our first stop was Sattal, which is a place high up in mountains with a lake. Upon seeing the water, my adventurous daughter (who's 7) felt the strong urge to try any and all water sports, including pedal boating and bungee zip lining over the water. She also settled for less adventurous activities like the bouncy castle so Dale had a bit of recovery time before the next event, and she quickly made friends. My son (who's 8) is a little less adventurous, he went on a Kayak and then decided to stay with me and Layla (our 1 year old) and write in his journal and draw.

I don't know if you've ever seen a video on YouTube called 'Baby Monkey' but my first thought was someone could easily make one called 'Monkey and a Cow' because you see so many of them just hanging out together.

After Sattal we moved onto Corbett National Park, which was my favourite place in the whole of India, I'm not really into crowds and felt more at home in the jungle I think :-) It was very peaceful. It's been a dream of mine to ride an elephant and I was able to take my whole family - such a magical experience, this elephant was amazing, and the bond the owner had with the elephant was a beautiful sight to see. We went into the jungle, and around the beautiful countryside.

While we were in Corbett we also went to the tiger reserve - whilst we saw zero tigers, we did see a bunch of Peacocks, a Toucan (they are huge!), a Meerkat, Wild Boar / Warthog (it was starting to feel like the Lion King) and several wild birds, including wild chickens, which you would hardly recognise as chickens because they're so slender and crazy fast.

The whole family then enjoyed driving around in the open top Safari Jeep because it was just pretty awesome :-)

Our final stop before returning to Delhi was Bhimtal, there wasn't much going on there, but the resort had some beautiful gardens, so the older kids got to fly kites and I had some time to hang out in a hammock with my baby girl contemplating what's next for Virtual Miss Friday.

I have one more post for you from India, they say that magical things happen there, and I wanted to share a personal experience for anyone who's into the more spiritual side of life - stay tuned, because I'll have a question for you at the end of the next post...

Second post on the blog on our Indian adventures http://www.virtualmissfriday.com/michelle/hanging-out-in-the-himalayas

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Monday, June 27, 2016

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