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A Successful Google Reconsideration Request Story (it's not what you think!)

Michelle Dale - Friday, September 27, 2013

Have you ever heard of Google, that thing that you can ask anything at and it'll respond instantly? Well, if you're familiar with how Google rolls then you'll know that there was a lot of drama associated with it last year in March / April 2012, namely those 2 "shocking" updates - Panda and Penguin. I have a story to tell, it's about Google, I think you'll like it...

Back when SEO life was good.

It was (2009 / 2010 / 2011) and life was great, we were an up-and-coming Virtual Assistant Company who had been researching and testing out SEO strategies and had mastered the manipulation of "Google" when other SEO sites were seeing page rankings go up and down more times than a brides nightie, we were able to maintain solid first position rankings over sustained periods of time and it was starting to get noticed.

SEO companies who were not seeing results were contacting us to handle their clients - a lot of clients, and they became like an intermediary, we were gaining rankings for their clients on a large scale, just as we were for our own, and life was so damn good...

Then One Day...

Then, one day, Google announced a change to their algorithms, this change was called "Panda" - all SEO companies everywhere, waited with bated breath as to how this would impact their site rankings, and when it came out, certain pages on certain sites were hit - others were fine, for the majority, business went down, but it was manageable.

We quickly worked around the clock to find out how this would impact clients, stabilised the system and everything seemed to okay.

Then one day... (another one)

A month later, we were dealt another blow - bigger than anything you could imagine, that basically paralysed most of the SEO companies out there, and not just SEO companies, but sites that offered articles marketing and more... It was like the SEO world crashed overnight - a beast had been unleashed, Google's "Penguin."

Needless to say, a lot of the SEO companies hiring us to work with them to help support and service their clients, lost, within weeks, most if not all of their clients, simply because the Google update wiped out the rankings that we'd all been working so hard to achieve.

It was like SEO armageddon.

This is where it all started to go down...

Reconsideration Requests

When something like this happens all you can do is learn to adapt, and try to work out a new system to provide a quality SEO service, we did, in fact we're always on these things immediately, but of course that doesn't change the fact that all the sites that were penalised by Google without warning, were still - well, penalised.

Since then, we've been supporting those penalised clients mainly with "Reconsideration Requests" - these are what you submit to Google when you would like a penalised site to no longer be penalised. We've submitted more of these than I care to address, usually you get an automated type response, telling you that you have to do something else, in some cases, we've submitted 7 or more of those bad boys to Google in the hope of a different response, with still no luck.

The thing is that to be frank, Google makes innumerable mistakes - and their algorithm, although it's supposed to have been "improved" for the reader, has basically turned into a bit of a shambles - check out this article I found on page 2 of the results when I was looking into Jillian Michaels, "30 Day Shred" exercise programme - I almost wet myself reading this, it's not a pretty sight.

That Day Finally Came

Well, that day finally came, and our own site (www.VirtualMissFriday.com) had its penalisations revoked (Clinks Glass with smile on face), my husband Mr. Friday coordinates these reconsiderations requests and his jaw dropped open long enough to catch a few flies - so if you're wondering what the secret is, I can tell you what it's not:

1) It's not doing everything Google tells you to do.
2) It's not following all the steps SEO gurus tell you to do.
3) It's not shouting and screaming at your computer until you turn blue.

So what is it? It's actually appealing to someone's human side, and YES, REJOICE, there are human people in Google, I'd like to be able to buy a beer and some curly fries for the person who brought our site back into the rankings of the world of Google.

So here's the exact letter which we sent Google for the reconsideration request, and to have this answered with a positive result leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!


Actual www.VirtualMissFriday.com Google Reconsideration Request:

"Hello Google Search Quality Team ;-)

Since receiving your response to our original reconsideration request dated May 15th, 2012 we have been diligently working to remove all unnatural links pointed towards our site at www.VirtualMissFriday.com

We believe we have been successful in making our site compliant with your search quality guidelines and have reviewed the quality guidelines multiple times before submitting this reconsideration request. Here are the specific changes we’ve made since our original reconsideration request:

1. Watched multiple Google webmaster videos on submitting an appropriate reconsideration request at https://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35843&hl=en

2. We have closely examined the links report in Google Webmaster Tools and assessed whether these links were likely to be considered to be ‘unnatural’ by Google. 

3. We have, with Google's Disavow Tool, submitted (803) Domains. Essentially, I've gone through the individual URLs as well as the full list of 1000 top link sources from GWT (and to the best of my ability), Disavowed anything I could conceive of that Google Quality Guidelines "may" have considered questionable in even the most remote way, from my observations.

"Results for the submission on September 18, 2013 1:54:20 PM UTC+3
You successfully uploaded a disavow links file (VMF,GRR.Disvow.Domains.First.txt) containing 803 domains and 0 URLs."

* Please note, with this domain www.VirtualMissFriday.com - we have done a fair amount of article marketing in years past, however we don't do any online marketing as such anymore (nothing). We've used services like www.SubmitYOURArticle.com, www.TrafficKahuna.com, www.SEOLinkVine.com, www.SEnuke.com/xcr/ (the older version), and several others I can't remember at present as it was so long ago. Anyway, I'm sure you can see all this quite clearly in the link distribution, however I feel it's important to put all of this forward (in the hope that you may advise on how best to proceed from this point).

I'm happy to scrape the contact details from the 803 Disavowed Domains, in an effort to get them to remove links, but once again as I'm sure you're aware, most of the contact emails will be permanent failures - and of the remainder, most won't reply at all. Honestly, the process seems like a waste of time, perhaps something like community service, but with no value to the community ;-) Please advise?

And also (as ludicrous at this may sound), with all of the Domains that have been Disavowed, assuming it's possible for a manual action by Google to expire (maybe, just maybe) then perhaps if I'm still at this in a year or two, I might see the manual action simply drop in time. I don't know whether this is accurate of course, but it would be nice!

Anyway, I'm happy to do the usual programme though, as it's just part of Google's process these days, but what I'm hoping for is just a bit of direction, to speed up this process. Essentially, I realise completely that, due to the likelihood of limited feedback, I may have to submit a great many reconsideration requests, 10, 20, or more for this site - but I'm willing to do so, most notably because we provide such an outstanding service, and the content we provide users is invaluable, for instance:


In addition to the above, we wish to confirm the following:

a) Our site has been made for users, not search engines.
b) We do not have any hidden links, doorway pages, cloaking, or sneaky redirects.
c) We do not keyword stuff any of our content or have irrelevant keywords on our pages.
d) Our site has original, well-researched content.
e) We have never bought paid links.
f) We do not participate in any link schemes.
g) We do not have any pages that contain malware or have any malicious content.
e) There is no advertising or affiliate program content on our site that does not add value to the user first.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to meet the Google Search Quality guidelines. If you or your team still finds links that do not meet the guidelines, we would highly appreciate an example (or preferably many) of the specific links that are outside the guidelines to help our efforts in removing these links and / disavowing entire domains to stay on the safe side.

Thank you for your time and your consideration ;-)

Dale VMF."

* Source of general template outline used for reference - Dev Basu @: http://www.poweredbysearch.com/google-reconsideration-request-example/

And The Response from Google...

So there you have it, our Google reconsideration request story. If you would like to work with a company who can finally get your site reconsidered and out of the "penalisation box" using a method which we can only say is more human than we could have ever imagined would work, get in touch with Dale through our contact form and we'll see if we can work our magic for you!

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