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Expanding Your Family? – 2 Ways You Can Expand Your Business So They Both Grow Together

Michelle Dale - Tuesday, September 04, 2012

When I set out to become a VA, I was single, and only accountable for myself, and at the time, working solo was great for me. Working solo is also ideal if you would like to contribute to a collective household income, do some full or part time work, your kids have grown up and left home and you have a more established kind of lifestyle, or if you would like to earn a steady income which could stretch into 6 figures if your rates are in that ballpark.

What I found was that when I started a family, my needs became more complex, my need to earn more money also became very apparent. I am writing this article after several things cropped up just this month, like:

  • Taking my kids to get their vaccinations, total price a shocking 390 euro!

  • Car Insurance is due this month.

  • Family coming to stay next month (need time off and also money for outings etc…)

  • Kids both need new shoes and clothes for school.

  • My sons birthday is coming up.

Things Crop Up.

Do you know what I mean, things like this crop up when you have a family, and you have to find the extra income to cover these events, if I was a solo-VA, no doubt I could afford to cover my basic cost of living and have a bit extra left over to indulge every now and again, but it wouldn’t leave me a lot of contingency for things like the car breaking down, computer upgrades for the business, house repairs, and clothing my kids etc… Those things where you need a bit of slack in your bank account. Plus, I’d love to have another baby one day.

In order to stay in the service industry, and support my growing family and their needs, I had to expand, and develop a team of people around me who could help me increase the income of my company. I wanted to be able to support a family, buy a house one day, have money in the bank to pursue one of my most treasured hobbies – travel, and also start putting money aside for my children’s future, I wanted to leave a legacy, and I was starting from zero.


If you are a solo-VA but you’re looking to expand your business, start removing yourself from being the bottleneck to spend more time with family, and start working towards your own legacy, then team building will allow you essentially to do a few things:

  1. You can spend less time at the desk.
  2. You can gain flexibility and a new kind of freedom.
  3. You can start putting money aside for things like a rainy day, your children’s college or a home of your own etc…
  4. You can pursue a hobby.
  5. You can support your family financially come what may.

This is why I am running a company that specialises in supporting business owners with a variety of tasks and skills, the more skills I have accessible to me from the right kinds of people, the more I can offer my clients, the more I offer the more the business rolls in, and then I can concentrate purely on obtaining the business and advising my clients, and then have my amazing team put their skills to work in making the vision we’ve created happen. I’m not suggesting you need to run this kind of business, in fact, through my mentoring I am helping people set up online service businesses with just 1 skill, a simple skill they can learn in my VA Shoestring programme, but has a high demand. Although if you did want to run this kind of business, here are a couple of suggestions:

(2) ways you could develop a multi-VA team from a solo.

1 – Matching the client to the VA

Many online business owners (online service businesses) will consider hiring multi-talented VA’s and then match the client to the VA. This is a great way to provide the client with a more personal service, because they’ll only ever work with you and the VA who is designated to their tasks. You would find the right VA’s and then the client would hire your company and you’d match the VA to them. I read a recent great article by Michael Hyatt on handling virtual assistant objections, he stated in the article he was hiring a company that provides this kind of service.

The downside of this is that you won’t find many people who are top-notch in everything – graphic design, web development, administration, social media, online marketing etc… A lot of these talents can be offered from one single VA, but they are diluted because one person is trying to do and be everything and it doesn’t work at all well, unless you think about matching the client with different VA’s or you want to send them elsewhere for some things and specialise in a specific skill set.

2 – Matching the task to the VA

This is what I do in my business and this has by far worked out the best for me. I will consult with the client, and we’ll agree a course of action, then, I’ll handle everything. I’ll break down the work, between my department managers, these are:

  • Administration and Social Media Manager

  • Creative and Technical Development Manager

  • Content and SEO Manager

I’ll explain what the overall vision is, and what we’re looking to achieve and I will give them the steps required to achieve it. The manager will then delegate to their teams in their department the work that needs to be done, and we’ll group together, with our unique abilities and skill sets to create a masterpiece. This also helps me step away from the all-consuming micro-managing.

Each individual uses their abilities to form a piece of a puzzle. By doing this, the work is done very efficiently, and to an excellent standard.

  • Each person is an expert in their particular field or skill.

  • They are able to concentrate on what they do best, and this makes them happy.

  • Their responsibility lies with the task at hand.

So expanding families does equal one thing I’ve found, and that’s a need for expanding the business and the income from it.

My mum sent me a video, and I think it goes perfectly with anyone looking for the whole “lifestyle, work and family” combination. It’s at the top.

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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