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How To Lose Weight When You’re Working From Home At A Desk

Michelle Dale - Friday, December 02, 2011
Reality Friday folks, going to tell you about something that has literally changed my life/mindset, but first – this is the first post in the new blog redesign – can you let me know what you think in a comment? You like, don’t like?

(Would really appreciate your feedback please.)

Okay, on to today’s post as promised to my TVAP members who attended the last flight deck session and noticed I had seemed to have lost weight — I have a secret weapon, which I’ll reveal below.

I enjoy reading online, some blogs and websites I read for information, ideas, to perhaps share thoughts and to engage with others through commenting. But I think a lot of the time I read posts for motivation, inspiration and to feel a bit of hope if I’m starting a new project or about to embark on a journey into the unknown, it does help to read about other people’s experiences of whatever you’re doing – and I have noticed one thing which is very apparent in all of the people I am naturally drawn to, and all of the posts and articles and books that resonate with me. They are all positive, and upbeat and contain an absence of ‘opposites’. It’s extremely motivating and will often push me to think, well, if they can do it, then so can I! I read a post one day, about a person who had been struggling with their weight, and overcame it, and I had a moment of curiosity and thought I would try their technique for success.

First, a very big take-away from my experience…

Before we go any further, I learnt something from this experience. Desired outcome is always the absence of the opposite. So for example:

  • Positivity could simply be an absence of negativity.
  • Triumph could simply be an absence of failure.
  • Happiness could simply be an absence of sadness.

Let’s take a look at a recent personal discovery I made after reading a website on something that was proving a big challenge in my life and was really making me feel yukky every time I thought about my failure.

  • Healthy is simply an absence of unhealthy.
  • Activity is an absence of inactivity.

So here is how I finally lost weight…

Ever since having my children, I have been trying to lose my baby weight, I have tried all sorts of diets and crazy weight loss plans, I lose it, and no quicker is it gone, it comes back again. I am a VA so the desk is really not my friend in terms of physical activity, but it’s a necessity right? Well, I am pleased to say now, I am losing on average a steady half kilo to a kilo a week, it’s staying off, I know it’s never coming back, and it’s sooooo easy, by simply choosing to have an absence of unhealthy food and inactivity. The outcome of that, is that I exercise a lot more, and I eat a very healthy well-balanced diet. I have cracked it. But I have to confess I didn’t do this alone, reprogramming my brain needed to be done for me to lose the negativity I had towards my relationship with food and exercise, I am a tough nut to crack, so I used the help of Max Kirsten and his hypnotherapy Weight Loss Now Programme to do it. I was reading on the blog post positive success stories from the people who had used his programme. I noticed, very, very quickly – quite a dramatic – can’t emphasise that enough, DRAMATIC – change in me, very similar to the other success stories. That is when I truly discovered, in order to be really successful at something, your brain needs the right perspective.

By the way this is a true story, I am not affiliated with Max Kirsten in any way, I am just so very grateful that an iPad app was the answer to my weight issues after all this time!

Absence In Business

I mentioned a few really key opposites earlier in the post. They are very pertinent to making a positive change in your life, let’s go through these…

Positivity is simply an absence of negativity.

Don’t pay any attention to negativity, keep a “positive” frame of mind, I don’t know if you have ever read something or watched a programme and got really mad at what was being done or said, that is negativity, by not engaging in those negative feelings, or the person or group of people causing them and basically brushing it off, and focusing on the important things which are going to improve your life or business, you can’t help but achieve a resounding success in your activities. By having a good moan, you might think it’s done some good, but did anything really productive come out of it?

For example, like me, if you were trying to lose weight, which of these statements would be more encouraging, and would probably leave you wanting to learn more?

  • “Diets don’t work, you’ll just go through a lot of hard work, and then gain the weight back.”
  • “Having a healthy well-balanced lifestyle works, you’ll steadily lose weight, and feel great!”

It’s all about your attitude, and the “absence” of the negativity.

Triumph is simply an absence of failure.

We all make mistakes, but if every time you made a mistake, you thought you had failed, you will likely lose all confidence and keep failing, but, if you choose to take a different attitude towards your failures, such as you have learnt something new, you have gained the opportunity to improve yourself or your business through the experience and you consider it a blessing in disguise that you discovered whatever it is now, rather than later, then you have an immediate absence of failure.

Happiness is simply an absence of sadness.

Believe it or not, easier said than done, but happiness can be a choice, and this is nothing new, from the smallest of little insignificant things to the most serious of events. There is a reason why, during funerals, we celebrate the lives of the deceased, and discuss the wonderful characteristics and achievements of that person rather than ponder of the death. We don’t want to feel sad for our loss, but happy to have known that person when we had them as part of our lives.

Choosing to be happy is about being grateful for what you have, but at the same time, it does not mean to say you can’t strive for more, you’ll just be even more happy when you achieve it.

Life is made up of all sorts of twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs, but nothing or nobody can control the way you choose to perceive what’s happening in your life. You can choose, through your own attitude towards what is happening, to have an absence of the undesirable. It really is your choice…

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