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My Adventures In Delhi, India

Michelle Dale - Monday, June 13, 2016

Guess what, I'm back from India, and even though this post has been delayed while I get back in my groove, plus I'm not sure if you've ever put a 'holidays/vacation' blog post together with images and video, but it takes a fair while trying to condense it - I could have made this into a novel, so I'm splitting my travels up into different posts, in this one we're doing Delhi and The Taj! My oh my did I have an awesome time and it's still very fresh in my mind :-)

I have several things to share with you, but in this post in particular, I wanted to talk about WEF 2016 - Women Economic Forum, which is where women from over 100 countries around the world gathered together to listen to inspiring speakers on a range of different topics, and I was so humbled to be asked to be one of the women speaking.

When I got the invite to speak, I said to Dale (my husband), you and the kids so need to come with me to India, and they did, so more on our family travels to come, but today, I thought I'd share my talks, I did 2, and some other cools things :-)

Delhi was hot and crowded, but full of life. We stepped out of the airport (and for us it was about 24 hours of travelling non-stop) feeling tired, but excited to be there. My 22 month old daughter was the most challenging aspect of the journey, since she's not a great fan of being cooped up in small spaces, but I'm not sure how many 1 year olds actually would be pleased about that anyway. My 7 and 8 year olds were awesome, being more seasoned travellers in general.

After more than a day of travelling and less than a few hours of sleep we left the next day to Agra, a 3.5 hour journey there (and then back!) to see the Taj Mahal - this was top of my bucket list, it feels SO good to cross that one off :-) We were exhausted, especially the kids, and it was MEGA HOT, but it was all worth it :-)

We stayed in an AirBnB apartment in Vasant Kunj, and I took an Uber taxi everyday to the conference, which was about a week long. I listened to some amazing women from all walks of life talk about their careers, their personal and spiritual experiences and more.

I even got to share a room with her royal highness the Princess of Kuwait, she's the black and white dress in the middle ;-)

I had my 35th Birthday in India - Yep that one that crept up on me, I was just 25 a moment ago ;-) and on that day I met up with a member of my team and his gorgeous wife and 2 kids, who I've worked with for many years, which was totally amazing.

There was no shortage of parties to be found at WEF, and my kids, particularly my baby daughter certainly made the most of them...

We also got to see a few celebrity type people, this is Chyna Whyne singing in the video - she's a lovely lady that looks like she stepped out of a copy of Vogue Magazine, and she's a pretty damn good singer who teaches people how to walk 'safely' in high heels (LMAO, I can't remember the last time I put high heels on - oh yeah I do, it was pre-3 kids...)

My first lead speaker talk was on "Exceptional Versus Ordinary Living", and this was the 19th of May, the day after my birthday. You can watch that talk below.

My next talk was on beliefs and the law of attraction, which was on the 20th, and you can watch that also below.

Overall, I had an incredible week, and was so delighted that I got to speak in front of so many incredible people and met some great women who I'm now proud to call my friends, particularly a women (and fellow brit!) called Tiffany Crosara, who has a very special gift, and I'm going to be introducing you more to Tiffany later, because I think her talents can really help you guys, so watch this space ;-)

When I wasn't at the conference, we were exploring Delhi as a family, and all it has to offer.

This included sights like India Gate, Henna Tattoos, Tuk Tuk rides with 7 people and a grumpy baby, and spicy.... spicy... whoooooo so spicy food! 

I think the Chicken Vindaloos my Dad used to try out 'to see if I liked it' on me as a kid may have helped with the ability for me to adapt to the food quite well, although my husband and kids on the other hand, weren't so fortunate... I have a P.S. to share on this subject - take loo roll with you to non-tourist locations - Indian people make other arrangements when they visit the bathroom that don't include toilet roll or paper of any kind. Wanna know why? Google it... Nuff Said.

What's left for me to share on my Delhi Adventure, well I couldn't list it all but points that particularly stick out in my mind, maybe seeing a car completely engulfed in flames, inside and out in the middle of town, a broken down bus sideways in the road with a group of people trying to manually 3 point turn it, blokes in toll road queues getting out of the car and using a tyre as bathroom facilities, or just vomiting randomly, and a (very obvious) man dressed as a woman begging at my taxi window. This happens a lot at crossroads - I helped out mothers and their babies, children and people with disabilities, but this one... I couldn't fathom why he would get so dressed up with a full face of makeup to ask for money at the traffic lights...

India remains in my heart, more on our journey across the country to the Himalayas to come :-)

The first addition from my time in India on the blog, and this is only the beginning ;-) http://www.virtualmissfriday.com/michelle/delhi-india

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Sunday, June 12, 2016

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