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Help Clients Streamline And Save Money With Adobe Business Catalyst – Part 2. The Potential

Michelle Dale - Friday, August 17, 2012

This is the second part in a “2 part series” this week on Adobe Business Catalyst (ABC). In this article we’re going to be going through exploring the possibilities and potential this system has and 3 system models you could offer to clients to cost-effectively help streamline their business. If you missed the first part of this article, check it out here.

Today we’re going to be going through some models which could work for your clients using Adobe Business Catalyst.

The Generic All-Purpose Intranet.

This is absolutely a best seller, and is suitable for any kind of business. When you are looking to streamline operations online, the best place to do it is via an intranet. What I mean by intranet is a place online where several people can login and access the site, who work in that company. You then use the ABC modules to build the intranet and store company information online, so it’s accessible to those who know the URL and have a login. In a general sense you would need to use:

  • The Secure Zone Module to create the secure area.
  • The FAQ module to add in instructions, email templates and other company information.
  • The Web Apps Database to create customer management or store other data.
  • Email marketing to manage lists of people for campaigns and promos.
  • Forums for discussions and updates.
  • The literature module can be used for categorising and storing documents.

You can also add in a company blog for news and notices that people can subscribe to. On the home page, just like any web page you can create customised content showing company contact details, names of people who work there and their contact information, and include links to everything that can be accessed online by anyone in the company in one handy place, like a company hub or portal. You’re bringing all the company together in one “custom designed” easy-to-use secure online space.

The Offline Business.

The all-purpose intranet is perfect for offline business as well as online business. But we can also take a typically offline environment such as a real estate agent for example, and make Adobe Business Catalyst work for them. Generally when a real estate company handles property they have a physical office, perhaps a desktop CRM system, or the different agents need to keep track of their properties through physical files.

In this case Adobe Business Catalyst can be set up as a website on the front end where all the property information can be stored and is visible to the public. While in the bank end, a secure zone can be set up with a database and even a discussion forum, and for each new property as well. If an agent has an update from a seller or purchaser, they can update the details of that property in a collaborative space, thus making sure that all the agents are on the same page for each property being sold. Detailed records and notes can be kept on every action on that property so a full case history is stored for people to catch up if they have been out of the office.

Property mailing lists can be set up and managed for people looking for different types of property, and a newsletter can also be sent from the system too. The nice thing about Adobe Business Catalyst is that you can build it using the tools according to the client’s spec, and then also brand it as their own, rather than using a generic system. It will look like their own company, and they can even have an area for their clients to login too.

The Online Business.

As well as this being perfect for offline business it’s even more perfect for online business, we’ve already mentioned the business side of the system, and how we can collaborate, store information and manage customers, but it can also be used for more bespoke services, like social media and blog management. When you get a serious Internet marketer on board who needs everything managed and updated, Adobe Business Catalyst provides a perfect platform for keeping ahead of everything. You can manage online (and offline) event booking, webinars, and live calls. In addition to this embed an editorial calendar from Google calendar into the secure online office space and add in schedules for social media and blogging so your client can login and see when and where promotions and information is being publicised.

Create a library of useful on-hand items such as author bios, logos, Tweets, media kit items, profile pictures and more making it super easy to set up accounts and handle media requests. If you have guest posts or you do interviews, keep a database of those posts ready for going live later on, and have something you can dip into for last minute content. You’re providing their company with an organised, bespoke experience, not just an online area of ‘stuff’.

Be Creative and Think Outside The Box.

The possibilities are endless when you can take a birds-eye view of the tools available, then look at the bigger picture of the client’s business, and harmoniously marry the two together to create a fully functioning, collaborative online company office space which can house pretty much any type of content. Video libraries, online training, audios, searchable databases of content, accounts with status updates and more. You need to learn what the system does, learn what it’s capable of, then work out how you can take that functionality and make it into something usable, with a specific purpose relating to the client – it’s something quite special in my opinion.

And all this runs alongside a normal website and blogging system, so the seed of this console is a website, but the mighty oak that it can grow into with creativity and imagination can be the backbone of any business operation, and that backbone can be maintained by any online consultant, virtual assistant or remote freelancer, from anywhere in the world.

Once you start using the system, exploring it, and questioning how you can use it to obtain a certain outcome, you’ll find a tool inside the Adobe Business Catalyst box that is perfect for the job, and this is why I will stand by this system, knowing there’s nothing more convenient and more cost-effective for my clients’ business than an all-in-one system, that has been specifically designed for business – it’s never let me down. It’s also exciting for me to think not about ‘where’ I’m going to find what the client needs, but ‘how’ I am going to make it happen in this system.

With websites being at the forefront of this system, I’ve put together a video showing you exactly how to set up a website development business for profit and passive income using Adobe Business Catalyst in my membership area of The VA Passport, if you would like access to this and many other monthly videos which I have put together for online service providers based on services I provide in my own business and techniques I use in my own company, please visit www.TheVAPassport.com.

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