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My truth about what makes a fantastic mentor

Michelle Dale - Thursday, April 27, 2017

I've been mentoring VAs since 2011, and it's been one of the most satisfying and fulfilling roles I've had in the industry bar none.

Last month I ran a kind of mentorship workshop, to see how I could help people in a group environment and then again helping people one-on-one. The first session ran for 3 hours, and everyone was high energy throughout, it was awesome, and I took a few clips for you guys to show you kind of what mentorship with me looks like ;-) They're pretty raw, and I tried to select the most 'generic' ones so I hope you find them helpful, but please know, I didn't intend to do this, it was supposed to be private so excuse the poor quality sound and visual, but I hope the essence and the 'realness' of what I want to share with you shines through. 

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That turned out to be one of my most powerful mentorship programmes I've ever created, because within a month, I was getting comments from the people in my private Facebook group like this...

I was thinking to myself about mentors and what gets results, and I've come to some personal conclusions of what I really think makes a great mentor, that can inject something into their mentees to actually be able to see the changes in their lives.

1) The Best For You

If I want to become a fisherman, and I want to do it fast, I'm going to invest in "who I consider" to be the best fisherman I can find. Mentorship is no different. I've been approached by people who've paid thousands of pounds for mentorship and they're no better off, in part to do with them, but in part of course to do with the mentor and it being the wrong one for them. 

2) Personal Experience

I wouldn't pick the guy who's read the most books or taken the most tests on fishing - I'd learn from the guy who's been out in the water and caught the fish - regardless if he'd taken a test in it or not. I'd choose the fisherman who has a similar, successful fishing business to the one I'm aspiring to achieve. Okay that's the end of the fishing analogies ;-)

3) Being Honest

The toughest part of mentorship is knowing I have to be honest and knowing that honesty could upset people, it's a process of shake them up, hopefully not crack them up lol, but eventually wake them up so they're ready to be set on the right path.

4) It's Not Therapy

A good deal of listening must be done in mentorship but it's done to be able to weigh up the situation, to assess the individual or group around you and to then be used as a resource for creating a plan where the listening steps back, and the action starts. But it's not therapy where this stuff should go on for years, as I've just demonstrated from the comments above results can be as quick or as slow as you want them to be, as long as a plan of action is always followed after the listening.

5) Energy Behind Advice

Communication is key with a mentor, if they don't know how to tap into people, put the energy behind what they're saying, and energetically connect with them, it's an uphill struggle. Where there's passion, and drive to see the results from the mentor and the mentee, there's an incredible energy that can be different for everyone experiencing it.

6) Intuitive Side

This isn't an essential, but it's certainly helped me - and that's confidence in my intuition as a mentor, on a more spiritual plane. It's about feeling people on an emotional level, understanding what's coming from the head and the heart, and then using that to guide the conversation, provide the support, the advice and using logic and intuition to develop a holistic well-rounded way forward that considers not just the goal, but the circumstances that individual is in that will alter their path there.

6) Be Open

Mentors who only talk about their success and where they are now and skip over the up / down journey of getting there aren't revealing the big picture. The bad times, the mistakes and the crappy decisions and circumstances we've had and made as mentors are all helpful to know as part of the journey and the process towards the end destination.

7) My Way Highway Flexibility

Any good mentor will acknowledge they don't know everything, and that there are other awesome people out there with strategies and advice that works - but when taking a course of action to follow towards a better brighter future, it's about following that single course of action, and then using input from other great sources to help you tailor it - not to follow 10 courses of action hoping one of them will work out, they all have worked for individuals at one point or another, but they have never worked together. Pick one, and draw on the expertise of other mentors and business owners to help develop that single course of action further where flexibility allows. Any great mentor will factor in flexibility in their plans for you.

So there you have it, those are my personal top 7 traits of what I think makes a fantastic mentor - whoever you choose it's important to resonate with them, because the connection on a deeper level of trust has to be there for the magic to happen ;-)

What's Next?

Would you like myself and another elite VA on the same wavelength as me, with her own incredible gifts and talents to mentor you?

I love to help people, I find the more people I help, the better I become as a person, and the more people go on to have shining careers, healthier existences and more fulfilling and abundant lives. It's a team effort ;-)

But because of demand, my mentorship now usually comes at a price of thousands of pounds for VAs, and much more for clients, I also have just completed my last mentorship programme and I'm not sure if / when I'll be opening this up again due to other commitments this year, and when I do reopen, the price will rise - BUT, on May 18th to 20th I'm getting together with Danielle Greason from VA Lifestyle Design to host an incredible 'no expense spared' mentorship event that we're opening up to VIPs, so you can join us online for the 3 days and be inside our private mentorship group, plus get 3 months of accountability calls after the event too! 

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This is a total no-brainer if you're a VA and you want to take your business to the next level, be in on the action and collaborate with other VAs at all stages of their business, all looking for the same thing as you - Business, Mindset and Lifestyle success, tailored to the way YOU want it. My mentorship works like my 1nSourcing services, we need VAs at various stages of development to make this work.

Not only that, you get the expertise of Digital Marketing VA Guru Danielle Greason, who's very special, not just as a person, because she is, but professionally she's developed an incredibly successful VA business and lifestyle, we met through her taking my programmes and our first personal one-on-one interaction was when she booked mentorship with me. True Story.

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This month I'm hosting an Awesome Mentorship Event with Danielle Greason from VA Lifestyle Design​ - we're getting...

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Thursday, 27 April 2017

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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