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The New Hybrid Model Of Outsourcing For Virtual Assistants

Michelle Dale - Thursday, August 04, 2016

Have you ever worked so hard your entire life to come to a point where you say - this is it! This is what it's all been for... This is my mark on the world, this is my legacy, this is 'my thing', the thing that could really make an impact - and you don't question it, you just know. Not yet? Well, if that's the case your time will come young Jedi...

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You see, in 2005 I had nothing but a laptop and a couple of suitcases of clothes, and I knew one thing for sure - I never wanted another 9-5 'job' or to be tied down to one place. I write this post now, as a 35 year old location independent woman, with a husband and 3 kids, who's currently potty training and running a business and raising a family (it's not all sunshine and cocktails you know... well, actually it is a lot of the time ;-) I've been through an array of challenges, ups and downs, major successes, epic fails and served over 100 clients and hundreds of customers to build a multi-6 figure business, and I now have the confidence, tenacity and self-worth to reach my new goal of moving into 7 figures (yeah, imagine a VA on 7 figures, think of the lives that would change - I'm up for the challenge).

And... I'm at that point - the point where I say - this is what it's all been for... So much so, that I've taken the bold move to direct my whole business towards 'my thing', my contribution to the world and more importantly to all online service providers, virtual assistants and freelancers - which is 1nSourcing.

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In the video above I walk you through where we are right now with 1nSourcing, and I mention an incredible business coach called Marc Winn, and there's something he said to me in an interview many years ago, that I've never forgotten, and this is it...

"The uber successful people are where they are because of how big they can think, and really there’s less competition the higher up you go. So the guys who really succeed really quickly are the ones that think at the top, they don’t think at the bottom. A good classic is someone starts up in business, probably in the onset and they say, “I’m going to work with small businesses,” and it’s like what everybody is feeding them at the bottom. Everybody is working for small businesses and things like that, so immediately your price point goes down and you’re saying well actually you can technically use the same skills, so let’s say for argument’s sake, 'I’m going to be a VA for a billionaire, what do I have to do to achieve that?' Immediately the way you think about what is it you’re going to do radically transforms your ability to succeed. I think there’s a lot of people that want to start at the bottom for some reason to gain confidence when actually in some ways it’s easy to start at the top. So really successful people just think they’re going to start at the top, go for it and then worry about how to do it later. They’ll gradually work out a way." 

Wise words... When you approach 1nSourcing, I'd like you to see it as thinking at the top. You may of heard me mention 1nSourcing before, I did a talk back last September 2015 in Manchester at an event with 1500 people where I introduced this 1nSourcing model, I then came home and recorded a class where I went into the basics of the model but it needed refining, trying and testing and basically tightening up so it could be packaged and delivered in the most optimal way as something very specific, yet general - after all, I specialise in being a generalist ;-) 

The Hybrid Outsourcing Model - 1nSourcing

I haven't reinvented the wheel, but I've created a hybrid - a hybrid of the best bits from all the outsourcing solutions out there, to create something that works well for everyone involved, the clients and the VAs. As always I put this to the test in my own business, I have the details of how it works, and of course, up-to-date income reports for you guys to reassure you with the proof. It's a simple, elegant way of providing services, that solves the real key problems that VAs face in this industry.

This 1nSourcing model has the ability to shift how we sell and provide services.

It's simple.

Providing services online can give you a headache when there's so much to grasp - in this model, we break it down into single digits so your to-do list for building up to a multi-6 figure business (and beyond, but multi-6 is all I have evidence of now) becomes straightforward and easy to grasp.

It serves all independent VAs.

No man or woman gets left behind - I really hate competitiveness, like it's all a race to get the client first - it's not in my nature to be competitive but to work together. In this model is a place for every kind of VA - there are 3 groups of people in the industry, this model caters to 2 of these groups, innovators and supporters, the VAs who are independent, and the 3rd group are usually employees - I will explain this in more depth another time, but basically, if you're not employed as a VA in the traditional sense, and you're independent then there is a place for you in this model - even if you have no prior clients.

It's profitable.

The ongoing problem with charging rates is that most VAs charge by the hour, package, service or the task and feel uncomfortable quoting larger numbers through fear the client may pick it apart and come to the conclusion it may be 'too pricey' - "OMG I'm not paying $X for that when I could get it for $X somewhere else" type thing, even the value based pricing model has kinks to iron out when trying to explain to the client what they're paying for, it can often feel like trying to justify yourself or educate people who don't quite get it to see the value in it, again not something I feel we should need to do, it would be easier if it was obvious - and I can show you how to make it obvious - this is the cream of this hybrid model, it completely eliminates the 'conclusions' that clients may jump to about pricing and no matter what you charge, it will make your service obviously of incredible value - which of course should be all true, especially if you follow my training ;-) 

Awesome, right... that's a huge breakthrough. Plus the pricing model if you choose to use it of course, has a formula, for just 2 packages made up of 7 fixed prices, and 4 of those are completely identical - more on that to come!

So now, I'm on another mission, whether you're just starting out with no clients, or you have developed a team, I can guide you and help you establish your place in 1nSourcing - this is so you can have a profitable, freedom-based online business, so you can be there for your family, travel, and help clients around the world to simplify and streamline their businesses, so you can become a pioneer for a new breed of online service provider, a 1nSourcer, and do it all in the most elegant way I know how.

We needed some sort of dramatic music with that last paragraph ;-)

So now I bet you're wondering "great - Now What?"

Good question.

This will be the last you hear from me on the blog until later this month when I'm going to release some free video training - if you're familiar with my training, I periodically run Free VA Training Weeks, and this will be one of these, to introduce you in more detail to the model. In the background I've been working on creating 5 brand new programmes and courses that will be released as additions onto the Shoestring, Apprentice, Administrator, Marketer and Creator - I know, I initially said just the service courses in the video, but I got inspired to add on the other 2 programmes. So altogether there will be over 120 new educational videos to share not only the model, but how to use it, with my usual tutorials and step-by-step guides and templates all from Virtual Miss Friday - what I've used to put the 1nSourcing model in place for my own clients, but reworked into a generic format for you to use and adapt in your own business. Click here to sign up to get the free 1nSourcing training!.

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I hope you enjoyed the video - please please please leave a comment on this, as I'd love to get your thoughts on this, particularly because your feedback and support always helps me work just that bit faster ;-) 

Just a little something I've been working and building on for the last 11 years :-)

Posted by Virtual Miss Friday on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Hi I'm Michelle, an entrepreneur specialising in virtual assistance, a digital and real world nomad, and a down-to-earth mother of three.

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