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10 Tips For Reducing Social Media Research Time When Content Sharing

Michelle Dale - Saturday, February 09, 2013

As part of our social media services we often need to source fresh, quality, on topic content for clients who would like us to use that content in their social media accounts. There are various ways to go about this, some very in depth, but if you're looking for some quick tips on how to source content and you don't mind doing a bit of sifting then these pointers will help save you time and your client money.

#1 Google Alerts.

Add keywords and search terms relevant to the niche, topic or business that the client would like to share. Google can supply you with the best search results to your email address, saving you time searching through Google yourself. You can simply review and pick out the best results to share or use.

#2 Twitter Lists.

Keep Twitter lists in your client's Twitter account for accounts, companies and people who you'd like to retweet on a regular basis, simply click the list when you're ready to share and scan through to see if anything good pops up.

#3 Core blog list.

I like to try and develop a core blog list for places the clients would comment on for example, or blogs the client would enjoy reading. You can subscribe to the blogs on the list and get notified when they've been updated, they may have content worth sharing.


Who doesn't share a good quote, and what business doesn't have quotes that are relevant to their topic? Keep a list of quotes, and keep adding to it for each client, then schedule them periodically. They are one of the most shared pieces of content I've come across.

#5 Products and Service details.

Share information or take portions of content from the client's website, make sure each and every individual product or service gets a mention as well as the big picture. If they sell pet supplies, tell people about the latest dog collar or the free nail clipping that comes with their grooming service. Small details are just as important.

#6 Hashtags.

Keep an eye on Twitter hashtags, see what's trending at the moment, maybe there's a hot topic that people are talking about that's relevant to the client's business, if so, drop the hashtag into status updates and replies.

#7 Competition.

Ask you client to give you a list of their competitors, check out what they're doing and see if you can use that to your advantage. Has someone come out discussing something which would be relevant to your client's business, could you tell the client and create content on it?

#8 Testimonials.

Schedule comments from their client testimonials to go out linking back to further testimonials. Don't go on overkill with this, but keeping the social proof alive is really important and it helps develop credibility for the client.

#9 Facebook & Pinterest.

Keep a list of Facebook pages that you consider active and popular and have a good social vibe going on, then when you have a new client, dip into the list and see if you can find any relevant pages for your client's business, sharing content with and from those pages can attract a lot of attention to your client's Facebook page. Do the same with great Pinterest boards, keep a list of great ones that you can repin for the client or share pins from on Facebook.

#10 Blog.

Probably the most obvious, every time a client posts a blog, make sure you run it through social media and relevant groups, but to keep the blog post alive, take quotes from it and schedule periodic updates linking back to it. If they have a Wordpress account use the "Tweet Old Post" plugin to automate this process of pulling out old posts, but just remember that using quotes rather than just titles will create unique, less promotional style status updates.

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Get FREE Online Business Training and Downloadable Blueprints, so you can start turning your talents into income, today! Without the guesswork...

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