50 Life Lessons To Live By
September 27, 2020

  1. Endeavour to be impartial - don’t get caught up in people's drama & don’t allow people to drag you into it either.
  2. Always take payment up front in business - even if it’s just something.
  3. Have a good reason why you need to succeed.
  4. Don’t make a plan B.
  5. Visualise & ask the universe / god for what you want and need daily.
  6. Happiness is the ultimate success - don’t chase money, chase happiness.
  7. Make the most of every moment, even if you’re doing something as simple as watching TV on the sofa, or eating your favourite meal, savour the feeling of gratitude.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to others as if they’re better than you - everyone is different.
  9. Be kind to animals (wherever possible).
  10. Be kind to humans (wherever possible). 
  11. Everyone who hurts you by words or actions isn’t alright in themselves.
  12. Shit happens.
  13. Always have at least one big ‘out of your comfort zone’ thing you want to do, and do it.
  14. Write down a list of everything that’s bothering you, deal with as many as possible, ideally crossing them off as soon as possible.
  15. Surrender to the universe before you crack up.
  16. Make time for yourself.
  17. Make time for your family.
  18. Send random messages of kindness to people you care about.
  19. Give whenever you can, even if it's just a smile.
  20. Cry when you need to, it doesn’t make you weak.
  21. Never hurt your own feelings, treat yourself as you would someone you love. 
  22. See yourself the way you hope others will see you.
  23. Be where you are, honestly & consciously. 
  24. Tell the truth.
  25. Don't be angry, don't work on your anger, give up your anger, it doesn’t help anything.
  26. The only thing that brings you down is your own mind, your reaction to the things that upset you are what does that to you.
  27. The worst person you can ever let down is yourself.
  28. Other people can’t make you happy in the long term, you can't make them happy either. 
  29. Your lows turn out to be more interesting than your highs because you’re not seeing what you are, but what you aren't.
  30. Be more interested in what you have, rather than what you don’t have.
  31. Don’t live your life based on what other people want and expect of you.
  32. Believe in good, in everything.
  33. Believe in yourself, always.
  34. Believe you’re supported by the universe.
  35. Treat everyone as if they’re an image of god.
  36. We don’t judge trees, or flowers or clouds in the sky, so why should we judge people?
  37. Love and sex are different, don’t make the mistake of seeing them as the same.
  38. Don’t hate those who have hurt you, don’t hate anyone.
  39. Superstition is driven by fear, and fear isn’t real.
  40. When you’re feeling down, or hurt, acknowledge it and turn your thoughts to something beautiful. Worry doesn’t fix anything.
  41. Make a list of everything good you want from life and ask the universe to help bring it to you.
  42. Being in the moment is accepting in full what's happening in that moment and not feeling the need to fight it (or fight anything).
  43. Your body and your feelings react to your thoughts (in extraordinary ways).
  44. Listen to yourself, especially during arguments or debates.
  45. Unconditional love doesn’t have any expectations, or conditions - it’s just love.
  46. Don’t complain, ask for what you feel or know is right to change the story, but don’t complain.
  47. Have compassion for the stages that other people are in, in their own lives.
  48. Trust your gut.
  49. You only fail when you give up - you have no right to call yourself a failure (until) you give up.
  50. We wear a mask for the people we don’t want in our lives so they’ll accept us, whereas the people we do want in our lives accept us just the way we are... 
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