Testimonial - Tracy Baker
July 08, 2020

"I've completed a few courses over the years as an entrepreneur and business owner but none, absolutely none as inspiring or totally unique as the VA Apprentice Now 1nSourcing™ (Strategy & Training) !!

Coming from an administrative and bookkeeping background I ran a business offline for a number of years and knew that I wanted to take it online to grow it further. I had heard of Michelle’s astounding VA company Virtual Miss Friday from a friend of mine who was similarly blown away by her willingness to go the extra mile and in ultra efficient manner so I knew I would be in good hands, but boy was that an understatement!!

I sincerely cannot speak highly enough of Michelle and her team. Fully expecting to work through modules of information and implementation I was nowhere near prepared for the content rich format, the unwavering hand held support, step-by-step tutorials and abundance of information and personal help from Michelle herself. There's nothing else that even compares to this in its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance.

To my mentor and friend Michelle; I cannot even begin to thank you enough. I know I’ve said thank you so many times before but I think the best way I can truly thank you is to take our “baby” out there and let it shine for all to see and admire because without you it wouldn't have happened.

Having created a few businesses over the years I can honestly say that this is the first time I have a business that I'm absolutely so proud of and I know that I have the knowledge, the tools and the systems to create my six figure business in an industry I enjoy.

Well Michelle, I wondered how on Earth you would ever top “The VA Apprentice” course having recently graduated but my goodness, “The VA Passport” exceeds anything I could have ever imagined.

It’s packed to the rafters with practical support and mind-blowing resources. Whether someone is considering The VA Passport as a natural progression from completion of The VA Apprentice or indeed as a stand alone membership they will certainly not be disappointed!!

The groups are lively and supportive, great for posing questions relating to the virtual world. The PLR packs are of the highest quality and a life-saver for blogging when you have little time or writers block and along with the excellent free downloads and the dedicated knowledge-base - this is the place to be - for online business and digital nomads alike.

For me the sessions with you Michelle have been a real god-send, just knowing that I can speak directly to you and address any problems or questions relating to my virtual assistant business is absolute gold, and I know that the information you provide is based purely on your own experiences as a VA and a practising Digital Nomad.

I absolutely LOVE the tutorial area of The VA Passport too!! Monthly tutorials and how-to’s on such a wide range of systems and products all presented with your own innovative ideas on how to utilise these in my business and enable me to really stand out from the crowd!

The VA Passport IS my ticket to freedom, and I’m totally in awe of what you've created Michelle - thanking you hardly seems enough…"
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