Testimonial - Maxine Fack
May 23, 2020
"Michelle, I have to say “all credit to you” - The VA Apprentice Now 1nSourcing™ (Strategy & Training)  exceeded all my expectations and is probably one of the most worthwhile investments that I have ever made. 

The course is truly unique in the way it combines online training and detailed tutorials with personal one-to-one mentoring which covers not only the implementation and integration of the latest internet technologies but also the practicalities of internal and client facing processes to ensure that our clients receive the highest levels of customer care and efficiency in the delivery of their services. 

The online groups and coaching calls have encouraged each participant to discuss with other trainees any small worry or query and the exceptional communication that has been encouraged by Michelle has bonded us into an elite and supportive team closely shepherded by Michelle herself. 

Michelle and her team have led us, by example, to understand the importance of exceptional customer satisfaction and how to deliver this experience to our own clients. The course has been challenging and the learning curve steep, however if you really care about your professionalism and wish to be amongst the best, then this is the “no compromise” course of a lifetime. 

I cannot express sufficiently my admiration in what Michelle has managed to achieve and that she has delivered it with passion, humour and huge amounts of patience. She has brought out the best in each of us, things we strove for and things that we previously hadn't even aspired to. Not only did the course exceed all my expectations, but I also exceeded my own expectations of myself with Michelle’s ever present, care and support. 

Thank you sincerely Michelle and team, brilliant job. I feel honoured and inspired to be working with you all." 
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