Testimonial - Jo Livings
May 23, 2020
"Back in the middle of 2010 I stumbled across Virtual Miss Friday and although I had already created my brand with Seeking Serenity and was desperately trying to make it work, looking back, I was making some very basic mistakes, and trying to be everything - yet I was getting nowhere. 

I was very excited when the VA Apprentice Now 1nSourcing™ (Strategy & Training)  was first mentioned. I knew it was the break I'd been looking for and that I really needed to be on the course, even though it was going to be hard work and a big commitment. 

It's awesome in a way that only those on the programme can truly appreciate what an amazing opportunity they have - every need, every worry, every thought, everything they can help with has been addressed. Michelle has a brilliant mind, and if you can give her a seed of thought, she can develop it into something truly remarkable. Every module will WOW you, along with the bonuses, systems introduced, and resources. 

I wouldn’t say the programme was easy, far from it, you have to put the hard work in, but when you get your website back, and it has everything you wanted on it and it's absolutely amazing - you know that the hard work and effort you put in was worth it. 

I know that Seeking Serenity now has the ability to be successful because we're not just any other VA company, we have procedures in place, we have systems set up and our clients can sleep at night, happy in the knowledge they have outsourced their work to an elite VA company that knows what it's doing, and it’s all thanks to Michelle. I personally feel happy with Seeking Serenity’s future, and therefore my own. 

If anyone asks me if they should join The VA Apprentice, I'll say yes every time."
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